We already mentioned that the rooms are the most intimate and personal place in the house, they serve as a place of rest and function almost as a refuge for the users. It is very important the organization and decoration of the rooms as they reflect the habits, tastes and personality of those who inhabit it.

And when it comes to the children's room it's no different. Although children do not yet have their preferences defined, it is essential that the room is comfortable, that transmits that sense of security and carries references of their attitudes and tastes. There are no fixed rules, but thinking about the feelings that the environment is going to convey is very important.
Something that we must also take into account is that the bed is the main furniture in the decoration of the child's room, for that Furniture presents you some of its most beautiful, fun and comfortable beds, to leave your child's room like you and they have always dreamed.
In this particular line we have these beds that mimic being churches of various types, allow the child to play to drive in his bed, thus transforming it into a fun toy.
Children see these sensational beds in the room as real giant toys and are even more interested in sleeping in them, which makes it much easier to work with parents. And not only are the beds that can take the theme of cars but also the sheets, the dresser, and the wardrobe can be another attraction in your child's room.
For them, we have a beautiful line of beds, with several options and several themes to leave the room as well as they love it.
The Princesinha Line is for girls who love to imagine that they are princesses, the decoration is very simple, delicate and beautiful, you only have to invest in sheets and curtains that leave the room like a castle for your little princess.
Line Casita has a dollhouse at the head, which makes it very practical and fun, she will love sleeping in her own dollhouse.
Line Auto for girls, do not think that this line of bed-car is only for children; furniture has the Bed-Self Princess, a beautiful bed and very fun for those who have a more radical princess and would love the idea of having a female car so buy kids beds in your room.
Although it is not a piece of furniture that your child will use for life, anyway, children's themed beds are worthwhile because they will guarantee the child's satisfaction, turning the room into their space for fun and rest, reinforcing and valuing their preferences. After all, who would not like to have their space? Although it is a place that will continue to change over time.

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