Running sneakers are the shoes of the moment, they are worn not only for training, but also for going to work or for a shopping trip in the city. Here are some tips to find the right model for us and a selection of current proposals.

Choosing running sneakers is not just a matter of taste and personal style, but we must take into consideration a number of things in order to find the right pair of shoes for us.

The sneakers differ in shape and materials: there are the super light ones, as well as the models that support the foot more in the movements. There is therefore a running shoe for every need and use. Here's how to understand the differences between the various models.

How to choose running shoes
When wearing quality sneakers that fit the shape of our feet , we immediately notice a big difference, especially if you suffer from particular inflammations, such as plantar fasciitis.

In this case, for example, the right sneakers can even prevent the pain and recurrent injuries caused by the disease.

But what should we consider to be able to find the sneakers most suitable for us? Let's see what to look out for before buying.

1. The upper
In general, the upper of the sports shoe must follow the shape of the foot and slide smoothly at any point - during movements - without rubbing against the skin. During the run, it is important that the shoe does not move excessively, so as not to cause injury or blisters.

2. The collar
When you buy a new sports shoe, you will also need to look at the collar, which is the upper part that keeps the heel in a vertical position. Some shoes have thick padding while in others it is thinner.

Pay attention to how the padding of the collar interacts with the sides of the ankles: if the curve, on the back, irritates the Achilles tendon or moves excessively. The collar must allow a comfortable ankle movement .

3. The sole and the midsole
The sole of running sneakers is usually made of rubber, with a midsole made up of technical materials - positioned in strategic areas - to increase durability, counter wear and improve rebound and flexibility.

The sole of the running shoe must guarantee traction and durability, without adding weight or stiffness to the foot. The midsole must instead favor the cushioning of the heel, minimizing the impact shock with the road.

So choose a shoe that provides a balance between cushioning , stability and sensitivity on the ground - that is, it allows you to perceive the road with the sole of the foot, while running or walking.

Running shoes: the importance of the right number

Size matters a lot when it comes to choosing the best running sneakers. In fact, it is really inconvenient to run with oversized or too narrow shoes.

The size of the shoes should perfectly match the size of your feet.

If the shoes are too tight, blisters and bruises can form on the nails. Each brand has a different fit, so not all the numbers are the same, due to the different shapes of the upper and the way the shoe is sewn.

Tips for finding the right ones

To find the right shoe for you, you will need to consider the type of use, what those shoes are for. Consider first of all the type of race you will do, such as:

Road race : it is the typical training that is done in the city, for which comfortable shoes are needed, which you can wear to walk on hard surfaces, such as sidewalks.
Race on the track : if, on the other hand, you are an athlete or in any case passionate about racing, shoes will have to allow you to run faster than the others in the race, guaranteeing you greater grip and stability.
Trail running: it is the classic race on unpaved roads. The shoes for this training category are designed to be used on rocky and muddy surfaces, resistant to rough surfaces.

Running shoes too soft: are they okay?

The softness of a sneaker is not a defect that can damage your feet, even if this feature is not necessarily right for you.

A soft gym shoe can be worn , as long as it is of quality and proposed by one of the best brands, otherwise, lightness could indicate that it is a product made with poor materials.

Some shoe manufacturers save, in particular, on certain materials, such as those of the midsole - where we generally find a cushioning made of EVA material. To understand if the shoe is good, try folding it in half. In general, a technical running shoe should not bend too easily.

Here is a selection of the best soft and flexible 2019 running shoes for you , proposed by various brands.

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