Buying the right type of furniture items is important for commercial needs. Out of several options, you can prefer industrial bar stools with back support. Get customised solutions to design quality products for your particular purpose.

For entertaining your guests in your restaurant, you have to serve them a variety of cuisines, while ensuring all the recipes are cooked well. However, that isn’t the only area to focus if you want to be successful as a restaurateur. If you ignore the importance of buying furniture items, you are going to make a big mistake. Since you have to allow your guests to sit comfortably to enjoy their food, make a stylish statement by buying industrial bar stools.


Compared to modern stools, industrial furniture items focus on longevity. As a restaurant owner, you aren’t going to buy them at regular intervals. So, you have to consider the durability of products before making your investment.

Let’s discuss a few important factors to keep in mind for buying stools-

• Seat Height

For bar stools, the most ideal height is 30 to 32 inches. It allows users to comfortably sit on bar counters of height up to 40 – 42 inches. However, you can go with stools with 24 to 26 inches height for low-height countertops. Another way is to customise the seat height as per your requirement such that you could establish the right fit for your guests.

• Material

Never ignore the importance of materials. Metal and plastic are considered to be the most suited materials for industrial barstools. When it comes to plastic, you can set an affordable deal to purchase your products. If you want to buy robust and sturdy items, you have to go with stools made up of metals.

• Seat Upholstery

Another important thing is the seat cushion. Since you can’t provide comfort to your guests without proper seat material, you have to think about it. So, consider seats with a cushion or go for padded seats. If you are looking for an expensive option, you can select leather seats. To set an affordable deal, purchase stools with fabric-covered seats.

• Features

Industrial barstool isn’t just for sitting and enjoying food. It also lets users rotate the seat as per their wish for having a good conversation with friends. It is possible because of the swivel feature. In this way, you are going to enhance the comfort of your guests in every possible aspect. However, you can save your money with the purchase of regular stools.

• Price

No doubt, buying barstools is a fabulous way of adding style to your restaurant. It helps you make a statement and highlights your personality in front of your guests. So, you have to buy stools that complement your interior design and provide comfort to visitors. When it comes to the pricing, keep a check on your budget and select the option to pay in instalment.

Bottom Line

Once you are ready to serve your guests in style, you have to allow them to sit on top-quality furniture. Just you have to follow this guide for buying industrial bar stools by considering your requirements. To set a good deal, find a reliable furniture store and place your order.

Did you know? You can customise your preferences at reputed stores. So, choose a furniture manufacturing company very wisely.

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The author is a young architect. He has been associated with a reputed furniture manufacturing firm for designing chairs, tables, industrial stools, etc. He also likes to share his viewpoints on the need for buying the right furniture items in his interesting posts.