Document Management Systems are used everywhere. As a result more and more vendors are providing different document management software with various features. Here some of the tips to select suitable document management software are discussed:

The first factor which you need to consider is the type of documents which you should possess. If there are too many documents which do not require any categorization, then its best that you need not having a document management system. If your documents need to be categorized into some groups before loading into the system, then you look out for some open source document management systems in the market. Open source systems are really robust, but would lack some critical features. If our documents are very critical and needed to be secured, one should consider the security features of the system. A good secure system may cost more and it's a common understanding that you should not compromise the security.

People also need to consider how the documents will be loaded in to the system and how it will be used. If anyone requires some reviewing and modifications of the documents, then they may require a version control module, to keep track of who is modifying the documents. You also may require a workflow module, if your documents need to be passed across different users for approvals. Publishing the documents is another critical area which one needs to consider. Not all the documents are to be shared across all the users. Thus you may require a privileges and permissions for each document in the system. There needs to be authorization module in the system, in order to handle these issues.

Another critical area one needs to consider is the support they may receive in integrating the document management system with their legacy systems. Proper support personnel's are needed to help in integrating our legacy system with the document management system.

The final factor is the price of the software. If the software is very costly, you really need to analysis and take a decision if you really need it for managing the documents. One also needs to discuss about the benefits and features they receive if they purchase a document management system.

These are some of the factors which one should consider, before choosing a Document Management System for document imaging. It is always better to do more in-depth analysis of the product, before going for it, as it will be a costly affair to change your system after using it for some time.

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