The call center is a huge industry. There are many small, medium and large scaled businesses that connect with the call center. All businesses in the call center sector, regardless of their operational area, use the call center software. The call center solution is the one that let the whole industry work with the most efficiency and increased productivity. Thus, it is very important to use the call center solution which provides reliable features and characteristics to the call centers. Whether you are starting a whole new venture and want to buy the best call center software or whether you want to replace your old call center solution with the most efficient and advanced one, in both cases, you need to make sure that you get the best call center solution. To help you find the one, this article will share the top 3 tips to keep in mind while buying a call center solution.

1. Agent support

The agent is the main user of this solution. Of course, supervisors and management staff will use this solution, but the agent will use it more. Thus, the features related to the agent operations need to be defined and look first. Check for the list of features available for agents of the call center. It must have different and advanced call routing rules such as,

• Advanced call distribution
• Most idle agent call routing
• Most skilled agent call routing
• Round robin call routing
• Sticky agent

These are the top call routing rules and can be very useful to increase productivity. Moreover, the call center solution must have major call dialers such as:

• Auto Dialer
• Predictive Dialer
• Manual Dialer
• Power Dialer

Along with all these, look for the other features which can save the time of the agents such as, Soundboard avatar, Disposition bucket, Remote agent and all common call center software features.

2. Scalability

When you get started, you must get a call center solution with a limited number of seats. For example, if you have 10 agents, it is advisable to buy a call center solution with 12 to 20 seats by keeping nearer future in mind. This way, you will not need to invest more and get the system of your need. However, you must check with the call center solution provider that how scalable the call center is. It has to be easy to scale up. It means when the number of seats aka agents increases, you can easily increase the capacity.

3. Post-sale support

You will need to check the contract of support. Once you buy a call center solution and finish a free support period, you will need support occasionally for various reasons such as, to upgrade the technology, to upgrade the version updates, to take the backup, etc. For all these, it is better to use the help of the call center software provider as they are experts and save your time. Thus, it is important to check the support contract and rates of the provider.

These are the top 3 tips to keep in mind to make sure you buy the best call center solution in all senses.

Author's Bio: 

Mehul Shah works in a company that offers the call center solution , VICIDial customization, call center CRM integration and similar services for the call centers.