Summer is coming and how to choose the best wigs for summer is becoming a real question for many wigs beginners.

This article will introduce the details how to choose a perfect wig for women,especially for beginners.

1. Lightweight and Breathable Material:

Opt for wigs made from lightweight and breathable materials such as human hair, synthetic fibers, or heat-friendly synthetic wigs. If you have a sufficient budget, I highly recommend the human hair full lace wig (check here for full lace wig). This type of wig features a breathable lace cap construction, ensuring that you won't feel heavy or hot while wearing it.

Another type of wig to consider is the lace front wig, which comes with open wefting or lace caps for better air circulation. The lace front wig is also a more cost-effective option.

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2.Cap Construction:

Choose wigs with cap constructions that promote ventilation, such as lace front wigs or full lace wigs. These two types of wigs offer excellent breathability, especially in summer among all the types of wigs.

Full lace wigs have only lace touching the scalp, making them comfortable and breathable. On the other hand, lace front wigs have open weft at the back of the wig and lace at the front part.The design is perfect balance between price and Practicality.

3.Shorter Lengths and Lighter Colors:

Consider shorter wig styles for summer to reduce heat around the neck and shoulders.Highly recommend the length less than 14 inch, 8-10 inch are better choice.Another advantage of the short wigs is lighter and more affordable price.

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Lighter hair colors can also help reflect sunlight and heat, keeping you cooler.

4.Wavy or Curly Styles:

In fact you will find the wavy or curly wig styles that can add volume and texture without the need for heat styling.the air also can flow during the wavy and curly wigs to release the hot air.

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5.Human hair Wigs for Low Maintenance:

Human hair wigs are often more heat-resistant and require less maintenance during hot weather.You can treat the hair as your own hair.Human hair wig is easier to restyle and maintain to save your time.

Another thing the human hair will not hot feeling in summer compared synthetic hair wigs.The synthetic hair will become hot and high temperature in under sunshine.

6. Wig Care in Hot Weather:

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If you are working or playing outside, there maybe have sweet, dusty on your hair,so it is important to wash it cleanly after that.the Properly care for your wig by washing it regularly to remove sweat, oils, and buildup.

It is better not to use hot air to blow-dry your wig. Instead, place it away from direct sunlight after washing to let it air dry.

7.Consult with a Wig Specialist:

If you're unsure about which wig is best for summer, consult with a wig specialist or stylist who can provide personalized recommendations based on your needs and preferences.

8.If you want to have a unique wig, you can even customize a special wig for yourself. You can also custom the wig to look like celebrities. At Findingdream, we can make it for you.

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