The most vital equipment for golf is its club that requires a good investment. Out of all 14 clubs, the first club which is used while starting a round of golf is the driver that offers the highest distance into the game. The driver has the longest shaft and largest club head. The first club used for putting the golf ball into the tee spot is nothing but the golf driver. Drivers with higher lofts are in trend these days. Mastering the art of drive is a key expertise required in golf. The driver is in general used for starting the par 4 or par 5 holes.
Best golf drivers for beginners are hard to decide. Beginners may find it daunting to pick the correct drivers for golf. Multiple brands and variety of drivers make the choice even more difficult. Hassle free driver selection demands some research and understanding on the same. While shopping for a driver many factors have to be kept in mind. Here are some quick tips for the beginner golfers to choose the appropriate driver for their game:

1. Number of Drivers: To swing the driver or to practice it, one can have a single beginner’s driver. These drivers are designed to give maximum distance and shot-shaping. Just one driver in your bag is good to go.

2. Shape of the Head: The golfer has to check the comfort level of the driver while swinging. These drivers come in both round and square head shape. But the best driver for beginners can be of round shape. They do not get caught on the turf like square shaped ones before the impact. They improvise the swing speed and keep the player on the plane. Higher swing speed increases the ball speed, which offers long distance shorts to the beginners.

3. Length of the Shaft: Consider the shaft length before buying a driver. Shaft length is directly proportional to the height of the player. Players with short height must not buy golf clubs with the longer shaft as swinging might get harder. Appropriate shaft length can be measured by examining the swinging style and arm length of the player. Modern drivers are lighter and longer, creating a perfect arc for hitting the golf ball further.

4. Material: Performance of the driver is affected by both shaft and head material. A various material used in driver’s head are usually zinc, steel, aluminum, titanium etc. The best quality golf drivers head that offers maximum performance is made up of titanium. If budget is a constraint and one just requires a driver for practice then stainless steel drivers are the best option. For the shaft, mostly steel and graphite is used. Graphite is popular amongst beginners due to its wide range of flex. Shaft selection must depend on its ability to bend during the swing. Accuracy, distance, and trajectory depend upon the shaft flex.

5. Design of the club head: Sweet spot is directly related to the head size. Maximum head size allowed for golf head is 460cc. Beginners can either go for maximum head size or something close to it. Larger clubhead produces better shots even if the sweet spot is missed by the golfer.

6. Loft: Angle of the club face is related to the loft that affects trajectory and distance. The path of your ball in golf is determined by loft. High loft somewhere in between 10 or 12 degrees is the best option for the beginners. Side spin rates are higher in drivers with fewer lofts making the ball deviate from its straight path. Higher degree lofts offer better goals to the beginners.

7. Cost: More affordable and cost-effective drivers have suggested for the beginners as a swinging style for beginners are still not available. Look for a comfortable and high-quality driver within your budget.

Golf clubs are key to success in golf and thus the selection of clubs and drivers should be done carefully. Check all available options in the market and pick the most suitable ones.

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Nethan Paul is an Art Lover, Guitarist - I live my daydreams in music and skating. I love to play golf and express my thoughts and experience by writing. With this article, I would like to suggest best golf drivers for beginners.