Many drivers do not regularly check the air pressure on their car tires. But this may not be good practice at all. Not only the increased wear and consumption are negative, may even suffer from the security by a lack of adhesion of tires on the road.

In dry road and at normal load of the car, it does not play a very large role. For smoothness, aquaplaning by rain and also a fully occupied and additionally fully loaded car the tire pressure must be right. The tire pressure gauges at petrol stations do not trust many drivers, also these pillars are often busy or defective.

The tire inflator on board certainly calms the driver and will often prove useful. Over a longer distance, the consumption of suboptimal inflated tires can increase by one to two liters to 100 km (depending on general consumption), which also has a financial and environmental impact.

Apart from that, tires with inaccurate air pressure wear out much faster. They may even burst at full speed - a potentially deadly risk.

The calibrated tire inflator

Good tire fillers are calibrated. Your information is therefore really accurate, which is definitely recommended. Also, the air pressure measurement at a gas station should be calibrated regularly, but many tenants neglect this process, which is why we usually get two different measurement results at two different gas stations. Professional equipment, as used by car repair shops, are basically calibrated.

Why chose best digital tire pressure gauge?

The tire inflator differs from the mere air pressure gauge by its connection to a compressor, with which the air is filled. In addition to filling the tires and the discharge of air is possible. When filling the tire inflator with the best digital tire pressure gauge the intermediate piece between the compressor and the tire.

Compressors are very cheap available. Without a compressor, the tire inflator can be used as a measuring device and for venting air. This has a side button that opens the air outlet in the tire inflator. The handling is very easy.

The air hose at the tire inflator

There are tire fillers with more or less long air hoses. If you also want to protect your back on the car, rather choose the longer hose. Reading the pressure and inflating or deflating the air is comfortable when standing.

You can also reach with a longer hose and less accessible valves. Third, you do not have to tediously adjust a heavy compressor when your hose is long enough. At least 40 cm are recommended. The only disadvantage of a relatively long air hose is that it takes up a bit more space.

Readability of the measured values

Large scales are generally easier to read. This can be important, for example, at night when a wheel has to be changed and the spare tire needs to be checked for tire pressure. If you buy a mechanical tire filler, its scale should be at least 60 mm in diameter.

With the digital manometer, a display size of not less than 37 x 16 cm is recommended. With a smaller display, you will probably often need to read by using glasses and / or the flashlight. For digital gauges, the display background should also be illuminated. This will help you to see pressure level in night.

Buy the best digital tire pressure gauge: Conclusion

A calibrated, mechanical tire inflator with a large scale is the tool of choice. The digital devices are not bad, but here is to pay attention to the reliability of the batteries. This is especially important because a tire inflator is occasionally or rarely used. But if you need it, its reliability is very important.

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To run your car smoothly, you need to adjust the pressure of tires. Find out some of the best digital tire pressure gauges to keep an eye on tire