Investing in an all in one smoking kit makes perfect sense if you are travelling since you don’t have to look at the corners of your backpack for rolling papers every time you are in the mood to get high. Carrying around a bag full of smoking accessories can be very inconvenient if you ask me. A preferable alternative is a compact and discreet smoking kit. There are a number of all in one smoking kits in the growing cannabis accessories market, and you must choose the most convenient option of all. You can assort a grinder, a roller, a rolling tray, a roach book, some filters and a pipe to make your very own DIY smoking kit, but you should buy a smoke box from a reputed company.

  • Is it portable? 

Going with a smoke box is your safest bet if you want to carry an all in one smoking kit in your purse. The kit includes a poker/dabbler, a multi-hitter, storage space for concentrate oil as well as flower and comes with a grinder card to crush the herb as well as a rolling tray to gather crushed herbs. If you invest in a smoke box, it will be a smart investment as the box will last you for years, and will take care of all your smoke pangs. 

  • Does it have additional storage space?

If you like some additional features like an added storage facility, a regular smoke box will not cut it. In that case, we would recommend you to get a smell proof kit in which you can store everything you possibly want, and still carry around in your pocket. If that is what you need, you will be looking for a kit that holds a beautiful bowl, adequate storage space for substances, grinder, lighters, papers and everything in between. Having your cannabis kit with you will make you survive any adverse situations while never worrying about the smell. 

  • Does it come with all the tools that you need?

For a stoner, an all in one smoking kit serves the same functions as a Swiss army knife. You may not need every component of the equipment in daily usage. In most rolling affairs, a grinder and papers are enough to do the magic. However, it would be best if you strived for everything you can get, since you may find yourself in an odd situation when the component required is missing from your kit. Some smoke boxes include dugout pipes, and when coupled with zip-lock carry bags, they make a killer combination. Some of them have the best hitter included, and as it is one of the chief components of a smoke bag, you should always try to get the best one-hitter. However, if a multi-hitter pipe is your thing, then go for it by all means!

Customization Prospects

Now that all the things are said, what remains is the lingering potential for customization. You want to be the person who shows up prepared in all events, and not the one who goes around looking for apples and buckets to smoke out of. We have provided you with a couple of strategies that you need to keep in mind when looking to buy an all in one smoking kit. However, as your smoking preferences expand, you will need more options to smoke out of. Therefore, purchasing a smoking kit is not the end of it. It would be best if you customized it according to your own personalized needs. 

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