Running a business in today’s tough economy and business rivalry is no way easy. There are necessary things to do, business meetings to schedule, brands and services to market and goods to sell.

With all of these things and issues to address, how can you establish a company and be successful in the long run? Sure, it is not easy and will mean sweat and tears to shed however there’s always a solution waiting for you.

In business, there are many ways you can practice to achieve goals and objectives. One of those is to consider accounting services Singapore and hire the best one.

Accounting services in Singapore

Business support firms are everywhere. Once you search for them you will be bombarded with different options of outsourcing firms thus giving you tough times in selecting the right one.

All of them promise to support and services you need for your business however not all of them live up to such promises and fall short in certain areas. With this, you really need to be keen on choosing an accounting firm for your company.

So what are the things that you need to consider in a business support firm? How can you have a guarantee that you have the best one in your side?

On this page, I have listed some tips and things to consider before hiring accounting services in Singapore. Read on!

Choose the one that provides most of the following services:

  • Professional and competent accounting services
  • Accounting and record-keeping. This involves the following:

o Track of assets, income, liabilities and expenses

  • Business planning involving:

o Advice on tax situations

o Financial plans and cash-flow statements

o Internal control

o Setting up effective accounting system

o Accounting system review, selection and implementation

o Inventory pricing and many others

  • Tax advice together with:

o Tax planning

o Tax compliance

  • Auditing including:

o Financial statements management

o Preparation of business financial statements

o Audit schedules and bank and account reconciliation

o Actual auditing

  • Annual reports and group consolidation
  • Full set of accounts
  • Payroll services

Select an accounting firm that consists and have the following:

  • Registered accountants and auditors. This is very important because you need auditing and accounting services on professional level. You need to make sure that they can provide reports in a timely basis and can compile annual account data.
  • Accounts manager. You should select a business support firm that can provide you Accounts Manager who will extensively work on your accounting needs. He or she must be experienced enough to review and organize submitted information thus can develop and maintain your accounts ledger. Also, the account manager must be able to draft financial statements relying on FSR (Financial Reporting Standards).

Accounting services in Singapore are really useful and can help you with your accounting needs and hiring them is such a great step for your business.

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