Adolescents are the most troubled and confused group of people. Due to physical and environmental changes around them, they find it difficult to cope up with such developments and changes. In such cases, parents play a vital role in ensuring emotional and mental stability in their lives. Sometimes children find it difficult to share their feelings and emotions with their family members. In such cases, a therapist or a counselor should be approached.

There are few essential factors to be considered while choosing a therapist for a troubled teen.

• Since teens are a junior version of adults, their problems are different and therefore the way to handle them should be unique. For such situations, approach a therapist who specializes in managing teens and has rich experience in counseling them.

• Always do a complete research of the referrals provided by a friend or relative. This should include their skills, qualification, location, experience, personality and their fees. Only after complete satisfaction, call or visit the counselor.

• If you don’t get a direct contact, search online. Ensure you review their website carefully and seek for information about their practice and work with teens.

• In almost all the cases a therapist should be licensed. However there are few exceptions such as drug counselor or a trained religious therapist. Incase of insurance, companies will pay claims only for services facilitated by a licensed health professional.

• Always check the treatment and the approach used by the therapist for counseling or healing. There are lots of different styles of training adapted by different therapist. One needs to understand the requirement that would suit the need of their teens.

• Before short listing a therapist always check for specific qualities possessed that would suit the needs of your child. Are they comfortable with someone who is nurturing and supportive, or who is straight to the point or direct? There could be choices over male or a female therapist or age could be the criteria. Teens could be more comfortable and open with energetic and young counselors than the older ones.

• The most important factor for approaching a counsellor is to discover the problem. Sometimes parents follow a band wagon approach. This should be avoided. Not all teens require a therapist. Few problems get solved with time passing.

• Before approaching a therapist, one can think of an alternate solution. One can approach a doctor for few hormonal changes in teens especially girls, meet a massage therapist for relieving their stress or meet a career guide if any difficulties at education front. It’s very important to realise the problem before searching a solution.

While looking out for a therapist, one can get few queiries resolved by asking few questions such as:

• Duration of practice?

• Describe the work pattern with your teen.

• Should other family members be involved during the treatment?

• Is the therapist a resgistered member of any professional organisation?

• How will the progress be measured?

Answers to all thes questions will help you in selecting an apt therapist for your child. This can happen over the phone or a small consultation at the counsellors clinic.

In the entire process, it can be beneficial if you involve your teen as well. Their suggestions can be valuable.

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