App and Point of Sale (POS) technologies are an important part of the restaurant business strategy and that you can work with Asimot. Asimot will assist you handle orders, accounting and customer service like many other characteristics, there's a whole lot of POS devices on the market. Use code to add a loyalty program or contract to your Cloud-based Restaurant POS. You will benefit from the integrated implementation of technology.

Cloud based restaurant POS technology has already come across the features of the food service industry. Online restaurant POS is the way to be modern, to set-up long-term commitment in the way you serve your guests and to be mention as desiderate and entertaining restaurant. A cloud point-of-sale restaurant system gives you the opportunity to provide outstanding service and give your guests a hopeful impression.

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Online Orders in POS

Even your online restaurant POS technology will help you track your delivery workers, enabling you to control delivery time, which is a critical factor in your customer experience. A restaurant point of sale system that enables you to take orders immediately and shows clearly the status of your staff reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding and represents the selection of your customer.

Businesses in restaurants and bars could still stand to gain from allowing users to spot online purchases. Asimot Cloud-based Restaurant Point of Sale is also perfect to restaurateurs to build their own online marketplace. Additionally, Asimot Online Restaurant POS platforms which can be integrated with your online marketplace can help you discover and manage your stock throughout your actual and online business. Implementations of Asimot Restaurant billing software empower you to submit menus on your web page, which your consumers make purchases for takeout or deliver online.

Inventory Management

Inventory administer is one of the crucial parts of restaurant operations. Theft of restaurants, pilfering and waste could lead to significant losses in restaurants. Therefore, you can efficiently well-organized your operations with an online restaurant billing software that can handle your inventory. The inventory management function determines automatically the amount of stock consumed by the total number of orders in a day.

Software for inventory management can change the way you approach this task. This provides real-time tracking of all inventory levels in your restaurant from ordering to depletion and removes the need for manual monitoring of inventory. It can be incorporated with the networks of your service suppliers so that you gain control of the operations team's distributors, goods and costs.

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Point of Sale & Billing

POS restaurant billing system application for all types of industries is easy to use and robust GST Invoicing and Billing Asimot App. They do design restaurant billing software such as GST accounting software, ERP & stock software, and retail billing technology by our ASIMOT cloud based POS software creators.

Benefits of Billing System:

1.Multiple arrays of counters
2.Centralized monitoring of price lists
3.Designs with bar code mark
4.Pay returns and returns on purchases
5.Quotation of revenue invoice
6.Profit and loss of GST & Tax
7.Accounts & Reports, Revenue, Inventory, Invoice, Margins, etc.

Data Security Features

Understanding that their restaurant POS system collected data always has the best protection is important to any restaurant size or form. Transaction defense involves encrypted cardholder information while swiping a card or reading the tag.
Protection also ensures the information will be kept encrypted until the transaction is processed. Many online restaurant POS systems store the data on their cloud-based servers, while others store data on the database on site.
Some POS systems monitor all transmissions by sending a warning of suspicious points of access. POS systems in restaurants should also protect against possible theft of employees inside.

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There really is no generic transition time to a custom online restaurant POS system for a chain of restaurants. Many concepts may find that they need customizable features after as little as a dozen locations, while others may have many more locations before their restaurant point of sale system needs to be updated.
Because a custom POS system is almost always very expensive than to use existing software, many restaurants may not be willing or able to spend the cash. Some software suppliers can customize their items to some extent. If you can find the solution that meets 80% of your requirements and can change the entire way, you can save money.


Because of its strict execution of regulation, global dining companies are effective. Some of the standard information that is routinely handled in restaurants is payroll records, time records, vendor invoices, receipts and revenue statements. To comply with regulatory requirements, it is quite important for all businesses to protect this data. The good cloud-based restaurant apps are constantly improving their software to protect the company.

ASIMOT provides a quick, clear and concise overview of all effective components of the company. The user-friendly interface, multiple features, easy access and detailed information provide the ability of all restaurant employees to perform their work as efficiently as possible. Not only that restaurant billing software system's most critical functions are ways to effectively handle information transactions and simplify the business operations. The system not only meets your business needs but also has the ability to handle workloads.

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