Among the wide choice, it is sometimes very hard to find the jewel that you are really looking for . The task is even tougher when it comes to a gift. Au Fol Argent accompanies you in the choice of the jewel with some indications and advices.

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Take into account the morphology
A piece of jewelry is often a reflection of the personality of the person who wears it. This is why it is important to also take the morphology into account when choosing a piece of jewelry . Thus the shape of the face is very important as a parameter of choice of a jewel . There are exceptions of course, but here are some compatibilities between face morphology and jewelry styles :

Earrings :
• Creoles stand out relatively well on faces with generous or rather rectangular shapes.

• Long earrings lengthen the face, but be careful not to overdo it, it could stretch the face excessively.

Ring :
• Any ring will fit people with long fingers!

• The most important thing for a ring is above all to define the size!

Necklace and pendant:
• Slender women can easily wear chunky pearl jewelry and other bulky necklaces .

• Conversely, the rather round faces will find their place with the necklaces which fall in V

• Finally, for more square or rectangular faces, favor necklaces with rounded shapes.

A bracelet is relatively easier to choose in terms of morphology. On average, the size of a bracelet is 20 cm for men and 18 cm for women. On average, you have to add between 1.5 cm and 2 cm to your wrist circumference to be comfortable in this bracelet .

Give a piece of jewelry to a woman:
It is sometimes very difficult for a man to choose which piece of jewelry to offer for a woman. This is why Au Fol Argent provides some advice:

1) Set a budget: It's always easier to choose a piece of jewelry when you've set a price for yourself.

2) Take into account the behavior of the person , and target the jewel according to its discretion or its extravagance for example.

3) Take into account the habits of the person in terms of jewelry . Unless you are sure of yourself, sometimes it is better not to take risks. Observing what this person usually wears as jewelry on different occasions will allow you to better understand their tastes in terms of material, shapes, and style. Don't just observe the jewelry she wears to try to guess her tastes, also observe her dress , the way she decorates a room etc.

4) Finally, the hairstyle and the morphology of the face and body are two very important points . Some women prefer very simple jewelry , while others prefer very sophisticated and original jewelry .

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