Mobile application development involves a wide range of products and services. Rapid advancement in mobile technology has led to a plethora of innovations surrounding mobile devices. Hence, we see multiple options in mobile OS and programming languages, as well as an array of mobile app development platforms to cater to the rising demand.

Besides, the purpose of your application, the market in which you intend to launch it, and the industry which your business belongs to, are also crucial for determining what kind of application you require. Based on that decision, you can make a checklist of what to look for in a mobile app development company to select the best mobile app development company to partner with.

There are several mobile app development companies present in the market, and most of them claim to have a differentiating factor. So, selecting a suitable one is not as simple as it may initially seem.

Below are some points based on which you can weigh your options and make the right choice:

Quality and Speed
The quality of your mobile application is what determines its fate in the market. Not only should your app score high on the functionality scale, it should be user-friendly as well. Only when an application is both intuitive and functions seamlessly can it retain the users.

At the same time, you must make sure that the mobile app development company can deliver the application quickly. The earlier your application reaches the market, the more business opportunities you’ll have. For every week that the mobile app development company exceeds the timeline, you will be losing potential business.

In order to stay competitive in today’s business environment, your app should excel in quality and get launched quickly. The focus should be on creating apps that deliver impressive user experience but have shorter development lifecycle.

Native and Custom app development Capability
Custom mobile app development is the way to go, especially if yours is a small or medium-sized business. Native applications undeniably exploit the host mobile OS’ features the best, but they are expensive as separate versions are built for each OS.

On the other hand, custom app development for mobile apps functions seamlessly across all platforms without any issue. That said, the choice actually depends on your preference. What is important is that the app development company you choose should have expert-level development capabilities across all mobile OS. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on potential customers irrespective of the mobile platform they use.

Optimal Security
All enterprise mobile apps contain sensitive information such as contact lists, emails, card/wallet details, and so on. Incorporating the highest standards of security in your application is therefore imperative. Needless to say, you should opt for a development firm that can embed industry-grade security features into your application. Even a single instance of security glitch or failure can permanently damage the reputation of your business.

Consider this: In 2004, Facebook had about one million users. As of the end of Q2, 2016, that number went up to 1.7 billion. As users access its app, they expect to be directed to their newsfeed instantly and perform the read and write functions quickly. Its application scaled per the changing environment and rising demand. In other words, the concerned mobile app development company should be responsive to up-sizing and downsizing requirements depending upon the market dynamics.

Integration with Existing Systems
A mobile app is an essential requirement today make your business visible to people through their mobile devices, putting your products and services right in their hands. It should, therefore, integrate smoothly with the existing infrastructure.

Suppose, your marketing employees use an enterprise application to present your offerings to potential customers. But due to lack of synchronization, the mobile app does not show updated information. Your marketing efforts may yield negative impact due to such instances. Hence, seamless integration should be amongst the top priorities for the mobile app development company.
Scalability and Incorporation of Latest Technology
Gartner predicts a 300% growth in investment in artificial intelligence this year compared to 2017. Emerging technologies such as advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence provide powerful insights that enable the top leaders to make informed decisions. The mobile app development company should, therefore, be expected to incorporate the latest technology into your apps, to make it a trend-setter rather than following one.

Develop Cutting-Edge Mobile Apps with HokuApps

Selecting a mobile app development company does involve extensive analysis and evaluation. While it is critical to the success of mobile apps, a long-drawn in-house mobile development process is not feasible when an application is required within a very short time span.

Mobile application development platforms, like HokuApps, are convenient in such situations. HokuApps’ MADP is a comprehensive solution that supports the full cycle of mobile application development, from specification to deployment. Its low-code environment facilitates the launch of apps 10 times faster than the conventional methods, with the visually stunning interface and top-notch security features.

The platform supports all major mobile OS, facilitates seamless integration with existing systems, and provides the scalability required to keep up with today’s changing business requirement. The platform also gives you full visibility and control over your apps.

Every day the market is flooded with the launch of one app or the other. So, merely launching an app is not enough to stand out. In order to have a competitive edge, you need an advanced and easy-to-use MADP at your disposal. With end-to-end capabilities, HokuApps platform can even eliminate your need for a mobile app development company. It enables you to launch cross-platform user-friendly apps within a limited budget.

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