Beard trimmers are widely available in various types, price and brand range to suit anyone’s choice. Different men tend to have different tastes and preferences.With regard to beard trimmers, different men do have different skin conditions and hair texture, each of them needing a different type of trimmer. If you are a man and having a hard time choosing the perfect beard trimmer for your beard, here are some considerations written by Zack to have when trying to find the perfect beard trimmer.

Brand Type

Brand type can play a big persuasion when it comes to getting the perfect beard trimmer. Established trimmer brands tend to be up to standard because of the amount of research that has gone into producing such trimmers over lengths of time. There are lots of brands one can choose from but most men being men, they do not put much emphasis on a specific preferred brand when it comes their grooming appliances. Some of the main big brands one can consider to offer satisfactory results include: Samsung, Panasonic, Wahl and Philips.


Men with beards should get a beard trimmer that is going to deliver good results and can last longer, one of the qualities to look out for is beard trimmers made of stainless steel blades. You can also consider a beard trimmer which has good grip on them to avoid any accidents resulting from slips.

Cord or Cordless

You can consider if you want a trimmer with cords or cordless depending on your preference. The different beard trimmers either with a cord or those that are cordless tend to be influence the area or mode of operation. One great disadvantage of trimmers with a cord is that they tend to be cumbersome and can not function without electricity supply. If you are always traveling and on the move then the cordless beard trimmer might be the best choice for you.

Length Adjustability

Beard trimmers do come with adjustable combs that you can add to the trimmer itself to allow you to achieve different cutting lengths. One should consider the length of your beard as well as the style you like to adorn. After this considerations you can pick the right beard trimmer that has the right size of clippers to trim your beard with.

Wet or Dry Trimming

Depending on when you like to have your beard trim, before, during or after a shower, then you should consider if you you will go for a trimmer that is for dry styling or wet styling. However, if you often tend to switch between both of them, still there are different beard trimmers that can prevail in both the dry and wet beard trim.


Good beard trimmers will always range in price mostly based on the different features the do posses. A good beard trimmer can have a price range of around $25-$100.


Men with beards that they cherish and do like to keep in style, Beard trimmers are a must. Picking the right trimmer can be the difference between what you want your beard to look like and what you most defiantly do not want it to be.

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