During celebrations like valentine, birthdays, or even special occasions like anniversaries, ladies are always looking for the perfect gift for their men. Men are known to value wallets, it’s like their second safe. Receipts, passports of their loved ones, money, business cards and other essentials are kept there. Most of the conventional wallets in the market are for the back pockets, but times have changed and there is a movement towards front pocket wallets.

This is even more so that research has shown that back pocket wallets contribute to back pain, as well as postural imbalance between the hips and the pelvis. Therefore, when getting a wallet for your man, choose a front pocket wallet, to avoid him coming down with back pain. But you may be wondering how do I choose a good front pocket wallet for my man? You don’t need to think too far, as we will guide on how to pick the perfect front packet wallet for your man.

Firstly, there are different varieties of front wallets in the market and all you need do is pick the one that best suits your taste as well as that of your man. Types of front wallets available include:

•Slimmy Wallet

•Rogue Wallet

•Fosil brand wallet

•FlammacherSchlemmer front pocket wallet

Flere are some tips to look out for:

Your man’s Personality

To avoid the embarrassment of getting a wallet that will not be functional to your man, it is better you study what he keeps in the wallet. If he is the type that values his business card, no matter how old they are, it is better you pick a front pocket wallet that can hold as many business cards as possible. The type of front pocket wallet will also depend on your man’s attachment to his mobile phone. In this technology-driven world as well as the craze of social network most men always want to carry their mobile phones, thus it is always advisable to go for a front pocket wallet that can hold a mobile phone. Also, when getting a front pocket wallet, make sure that his phone will fit in perfectly.

Type of Material

Before you buy a front pocket wallet, inspect the quality of material used. There are several materials that are used to make front pocket wallets, including: fabric, nylon, leather, plastic, etc. This is important because the type of material used to make a wallet, determines how long the wallet will last as well as its aesthetic value.

While front pocket wallets made of fabric may appear more beautiful, they are prone to wear and tear, but front pocket wallets made of leather last longer, sometimes for years. Therefore, decide between durability and looks.
Functionality and Style

Since your man is going to carry the wallet as part of his accessories every day, you need to get a stylish but very functional front pocket wallet. This is why you need to decide in advance what you are going to what your man will be using his wallet for. For example, a typical front pocket wallet that is bifold is very good for carrying paper cash.

On the other hand, if your man does not carry much money in his wallet, it is better to get a front pocket wallet that has a money clip. A slimmer pocket is better if your man does not carry business cards and other documents.

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