Today, lots of employees use UAN number to check their EPF balance. There is also a method whereby we can check with the help of the app. This number is quite essential to check balance otherwise you may not be able to check the provident fund balance. To collect your UAN, contact your company. Now a day, this number is easily allotted to the employees as compared to earlier.

Benefits of EPF Balance

EPF balance is very much essential for all the employees and if you always updated with your EPF balance, then you can plan other thing expenses. EPF balance helps you at the time of retirement and will prove to be a good stick when you get old. So, we should always stay updated with our EPF balance and in order to do so, we need a UAN number.

If we know about our EPF balance then:

• We can also avail load against our EPF balance.
• We can plan our expenses.

Ways to Check EPF Balance

Unlike previous times, we have lots of ways to check our EPF balance and we can do so within a few minutes. The only thing that we need is our UAN number which is issued by the company.

Here are different procedures to check EPF balance:

By EPFO Portal

You can use the online EPFO portal to check balance with the help of following steps : -

• Open the official portal and click on the “Our Services” Tab.

• Then click on the option that says "Our Employees" from the Dropdown menu.

• Click on "Member Passbook" option.

• A login page appears and after entering your UAN number, you can assess your balance.


In order to use this service, you must integrate your UAN number with KYC details like Aadhar or Bank Account details or PAN. The first step is to send an SMS (EPFOHO UAN ENG) to mobile number 7738299899. You can change your preferred language by entering the first three letter of that language in place of ENG.

By Miss Call

This is very easy steps as you just have to miss call from your authorized mobile number. Miss call on 011-22901406 and after a few minutes, they will send you your EPF balance via SMS on your registered mobile number.


You have to download the “m-sewa app of EPFO” app from the Android play store. Then you have to click on Member option and then select the “Balance/Passbook” option. Afterward, you should enter your registered mobile number and UAN number. Now you can check your EPF balance. You can also try UMANG app.

The Last Words

Your EPF balance is a powerful tool because you and your company equally contribute towards your saving. This saving can be easily availed on your retirement and when you switch your job. There are several ways to check your EPF balance using a UAN number like EPFP app, EPFO portal, SMS and by giving a miss call.

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