Most of the women I work with would easily admit they feel blessed. Their daily needs are met and they have loving people in their life. So why is the question of how to change your life a common one among them? It’s because the women I work with are striving to go beyond just “getting through” their days, and instead, really want to live!

This is living a life of purpose! Getting by, is just survival! We’re here for something more than that and our soul longs for more than – get up, get the kids to school, go to work, make dinner, help with homework, run errands, fall into bed exhausted and do it all over again.

Unfortunately, this is the pattern that’s real easy to fall into if you’re not being intentional about your time. You’ll feel an inner discomfort; a malaise that something’s just not right. If you continue to ignore it, it becomes more and more painful. At that pain point, we have 1 of 2 choices to make: continue ignoring it and begin to die little by little or break the cycle you’re in and begin to fully live!

Now, it sounds like that would be a really easy decision when it comes to how to change your life, right? WRONG! Most people choose to just wither up and let pieces of themselves die. It’s MUCH harder to be courageous and draw a line in the sand. This is one of many reasons why I love and admire the warrior women who choose to work with me. They are stepping up and saying “Enough! I don’t want this anymore and I definitely don’t want this for my children!”

Each of us finds our way to this crossroads of: stay the same and shrink versus make a change and grow in different ways. Today I want to focus on what the next step is once you’ve decided you’re done with the old and ready for the new.

While there is great freedom on the other side of that decision, the cost is quite frequently terror. We like to know things are going to turn out ok. We want to know – without a doubt – that we’re going to be safe. When you choose to take a stand and do something different, you have no guarantees. It can feel as if there is no road map and you’re on your own swimming upstream. This is where the power of faith is so important.

Faith is: being sure of what we hope for & certain of what we do not see.

Terror tries to tell you you’re being irrational because you don’t know the outcome. Faith tells you to listen to the inner promptings you’ve been feeling for months (or for many – years) and to trust.
Terror tries to tell you you’re making a mistake and things will get worse. Faith calls you toward a different ending where peace abounds.

Terror tries to tell you, you will be judged and hurt those you love. Faith reminds you of how badly you’ve been hurting by neglecting the call on your life and how that serves no one you love.

So, back to the question of how to change your life – be courageous. Expect the terror. Know it’s job is to limit you and understand that faith wants you to fully expand into the purpose you were called to in this life.

Here’s your Vibrantly Live Challenge: What changes do you KNOW need to be made? Write those down without judgment. Choose the one you think will make the biggest positive impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Now, take a moment and reflect on the terror connected to that change. See the terror clearly for what it is. Now, spend some time hearing what faith saying to you about that change.

Be sure to share what you realized about yourself below. Until next time – get out there and vibrantly live! Bye!

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