I believe that we have two choices to make in life.

• You allow your thoughts to control you


• You quiet your mind, thereby removing interference which allows your brain to function effortlessly at its optimal capacity and inherent creativity.

Your thinking controls everything you do and feel; all your actions, reactions, emotions and perceptions.


Your thoughts emanate from your mental conditioning or what I call Programs. They contain what I call Baggage.

You carry this baggage with you into every experience and they interfere and distort all your perceptions (perceptions determine how you experience each event).

To experience a new reality you need to get rid of your old baggage

Your baggage includes:
• opinions
• assumptions
• judgements
• expectations
• desires
• fears
• envy
• jealousy
• discontent
• insufficiency
• comparison
• arrogance
• impatience
• inadequacy
• despair
• unworthiness
• hatred
• prejudice
• aggression
• resentments
• regrets

When your thoughts are in control, the interference of your baggage prevents you from seeing reality as it is (the complete, unrestricted view of your experience)

You are seeing reality through the illusionary filters of your baggage

Therefore you only see a narrow, distorted and limited view of your experience.

The result is that your decisions, relationships, success, happiness and overall experience of life is impaired due to the distortions created by your baggage.

When your thoughts are in control you severely limit your ability to enjoy a successful life

When you quiet your mind you eliminate the interference of your baggage

Your creativity, natural intelligence, and higher self will then be allowed to manifest itself.


Let go and be free

Why should you want to wake up to your higher self?

I have found the following to be the answers to these questions.

• Until you become aware and wakened I believe you operate in a programmed or robotic state. You live your like in a limited, narrow and illusionary reality.
• Programs are your mental conditioning and habits.

You become programmed by your parents, teachers, friends, media and society. They ultimately produce your opinions, judgements, expectation, desires, fears comparisons, impatience, unworthiness and discontent. All creating what I call “baggage” or “interference”.

These programs limit and close you off to the incredible magnificence of life and all its options and opportunities. When you are free of these negative programs the world opens up and you experience life in all its fullness.

• These programs (baggage) color and influence all of your experiences.
o They limit your ability to live up to your capabilities
o They limit our ability to become your best possible self. What I call Your Higher Self

• These programme also limit our ability to live in the NOW moment which is the present, not the past or future.

The NOW moment is the only reality that exists. The past is gone and the future does not exist. When you live in the NOW it is impossible to be unhappy.

Each NOW moment is perfect, providing there is no interference from your programing or your desires and expectations of the future.

All the possibilities of the moment are then revealed.

You enjoy the moment without any interference

As soon as programs are in control they interfere with your perception.

You are then perceiving your illusionary (unreal) version of reality, not reality as it is.

You need to experience reality as it really is, and not through the restricted view of a programmed mind.

There is a guide to help you to no longer live your life based on outdated, inappropriate, narrow-minded, destructive and limiting programs at


Author's Bio: 

Murray has been a very successful businessman for over fifty years. He has spent the past forty years in the study and practice of meditation, consciousness and Eastern philosophy, beginning with Transcendental Meditation.

Extensive studies in meditation, consciousness and Eastern philosophies have taken place through workshops and seminars led by Ken Keyes, Jr., Jean Houston and master teachers from the Vipassana Meditation practice, Kripalu Yoga, Omega Institute, Princeton University, Silva Mind Control and Reiki training sessions.

In addition, Cohen is an avid practitioner, practice leader and researcher of QiGong and Tai Chi and studied with Roger Jahnke, O.M.D. at the Institute of Integral QiGong and Tai Chi.

Murray’s work in meditation and consciousness training has culminated in the concept of Mindful Thought Management. Murray experienced a profound shift in perception, awareness and control in how he experiences every aspect of life.

Cohen decided to share his knowledge and experience in the form of his workbook "Wake up to your Higher Self"

His hope is that everyone will use this workbook to learn how to experience happier and more fulfilling lives, which in turn will make the world a better place for everyone.

Cohen wishes to dedicate all of the profits from this workbook to the education and support of children in need.