Purchasing costly fancy shoes is enough to leave you broke. It is financially easier to transform the look of your shoes into something different rather than buying new ones.
If you are tired of wearing the same old on every occasion then there is a cost-effective way that you can adopt to help yourself. Just by changing the color or style of the laces, you’d be able to pull off a unique kind of look.
Be prepared to make your old and boring shoes new again.
Here are a few tips on how to change the look of your shoes with a shoelace.

How shoelace change the look of your shoes?

1) Go for a contrasting color combination
By changing the color to a contrasting combination, you can easily generate a new-looking pair of shoes without investing much.
The most common colors of shoelaces are brown, black and other solid colors which most men wear. It is always best to create a unique impression, so we recommend you to go for contrast.
A standing out color not only enhances the overall appearance but also highlights the lacing technique you’ve put on. It gives you an opportunity to give off an interesting impression to others.
People usually think that vibrant hues of your flat
shoelaces is something exclusively related to athletic shoes but fashion experts say that there is no such link.
Color contrasting can also go well with formal or mildly formal dress shoes. You just have to choose the appropriate combination to convert style to a fashion statement.
Color combination guidelines
Going for contrast does not necessarily mean that you can put up any color you want. It does not go like that. The hues need to complement each other while enhancing the fanciness.
For instance, Men’s black dress shoes leave a lasting impression with reddish shoelaces. The red color is harmonious to brown as well giving an outstanding look.
You need to know that there is a considerable difference between stark contrast and a light contrast. Going for something like dark green laces with dark brown shoes is a light form of contrast that can be worn on any type of event.
Here are a few examples that might help you choose out the right combination:
Light contrast
1 Dark red laces with dark brown shoes.
2 Dark green laces with dark brown shoes.
3 Navy blue shoelaces with Black shoes.
4 Dark purple lace with dark brown shoes.

Sharp contrast
1 Yellow shoelaces with orange shoes.
2 Bright Red shoelaces on black shoes.
3 White shoelaces on dark brown shoes.
4 Light pink or purple shoelace on dark-colored shoes.

2) Go for a standing-out lacing knot
If you are going for a contrasting combination then it is imperative that you put up a fancy knot as well.
People are going to notice your shoes because of their unique appearance so you should make the best of this opportunity to impress them.
Let’s look into some lacing knots that you might want to try:
1 Better bow shoelace knot: This is a combination of regular yet stylish lacing knots. It finishes with a balanced bow in the end. The best thing about this method is that it does not consume much time. This method fits perfectly with every dress shoe.
1 Freedom shoelace knot: It is quite similar to better bow shoelace knot. The difference comes in the finishing as it gives off a more complex appearance.
2 Double Ian knot: As the name implies it forms a double structure giving it a bulkier appearance. It not only looks different but lasts a long time. You can put it up on your athletic shoes to secure your feet tightly.
3 Halloween knot: It is named so because it creates a hangman’s noose in the end. It is ideal for people who want to give off a creepy vibe.
4 Equality knot: On the contrary to the standard horizontal bow, this knot creates a vertical bow.

3) Go for an interesting lacing method
Binding the lacing in a standard way is not fun. You can go for a more interesting appearance to bring a little change.
Every lacing method has its own benefits including a unique look. Choose the most fitting one for yourself from the list.
1 Crisscross lacing (for joggers and boots)
2 Over-under lacing (for joggers and boots)
3 Army lacing (shoes with a large number of eyelets)
4 Double back lacing (goes with every shoe)
5 Spider web lacing (sneakers)
6 Riding boot lacing (for riding boots)
7 Pentagram and hexagram lacing (on every shoe giving a unique appearance)
8 Supernova lacing (useful for long shoes)
9 Zig zag lacing (goes with every shoe style)

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