How to change the background of a photo in Photoshop
Change the background of the photo is essential for the e-commerce business to personal uses.
In an e-commerce business, a little imperfection on the image background can destroy the quality of the product photo. It can be a reason to decrease online customers to your business as quality matters a lot.
Would you like to share a photo which has a defect in the background?
You should remove the flaws from the background to enhance the photo quality.
We can change photo background in Photoshop by applying some tools.
We can use the Photoshop pen tool, the lasso tool, and the magic wand tool to remove the image background in Photoshop.
If you don’t know how to use Photoshop tools to remove background, check out this content on top 3 tools to delete the background.
In this article, I am going to walk you through the way to change the background of a photo in Photoshop. Hope, you can find this post useful.
Photoshop pen tool
Photoshop pen tool is the most accurate and professional way to remove a background from an image.
Let see the following process to remove image background using the Photoshop pen tool.
Start the background removal workflow by opening an image in Photoshop.
Second, select the pen tool in Photoshop from the toolbar menu. The Photoshop pen tool helps to get accurate cut, shape, and professional finish to your work.
Selected with the pen tool, start creating a path around the image objects. Select those parts of the image you wish to remove.
After creating the paths completely, make a selection around the photo. Then, simply press the delete button to remove the image background.
Photoshop Magic Wand tool
The magic wand tool in Photoshop is another background remover tool which works best on the solid color background.
Personally, I don’t recommend you to use this tool to delete the image background. You can’t get a professional looking background using this tool to change photo background.
However, let see the step by step process to remove background from an image using Photoshop magic wand tool.
At first, open an image in Photoshop which has a solid color background.
Second, select the magic wand tool typing W from your keyboard. Also, you can find this tool next to the quick selection tool.
Third, Selected with the magic wand tool, you should step out to the top menu. From the top menu set up the tolerance to 32. Then, tick all the setting next to the tolerance.
Now, click on the image and you can see the dotted line.
If there have darker shades in your photo, then set the tolerance to 60. Next, click on the image again and you can find the background of the image is selected.
Finally, you should inverse the selection by holding down Ctrl + I. Then, choose the refine edge. Now, you can see the background of the photo will disappear.
In conclusion
You can apply these two methods to remove image background from the photo. I prefer you to use the Photoshop pen tool to remove the background from an image. You can get the professional result if you use this tool.
Also, you can use the magic wand tool if the background of the image has a solid color.

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