The moment you start earning Bitcoin we get the doubt of how to convert it or change it to dollars and what is the best and safest way to convert the money we have accumulated in this famous cryptocurrency in a more traditional currency such as dollar or euros.

There are many options where we can convert or change bitcoin to dollars or euros, but in this post I will focus on what I consider the best way to change the Bitcoins you've won.

When making this exchange it is necessary that we take into account two very important factors that are security and commission. Seeing it from the two factors the most important would be to be sure that the site we use is safe which should be our priority, but be aware of the commissions is not too much, since we want and seek a service that charges us for the service even reasonable price.

Well it's time to reveal the secret so you can change your Bitcoin to dollars or euros totally free and safely! Do you want to know how? Then do not change the channel and keep reading!!

Is it necessary to change my Bitcoins?

Even though this currency has made a great impact and has taken strength in these years it still does not have enough strength to be part of a normal payment method or to make any kind of purchase online or in our daily lives.

And this is due to factors such as the little use and cooking of this cryptocurrency, therefore there are very few companies that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, but it is no wonder that little by little this will change and those big companies will begin to accept Bitcoin as payment in exchange for your services or products.

As that moment has not arrived in which we can make any purchase using this virtual currency, people start looking for ways to convert their Bitcoin to a traditional currency such as the euro or dollars and thus make or use their satoshis normal way.

Change Bitcoins for Money (Any Currency)

For this transaction of exchange between Bitcoin and another currency, the most recommendable and safe alternatives are Payza and Neteller, which are two highly reliable and well-known payment gateways and every day there are more users using their services.

This time I will show you how you can change your Bitcoins with the Pago Payza gateway easily and securely. You can also do it with Neteller without problems.

Before all is to have a Payza account if you do not have one you can create one which has no cost, for which we have no reason not to use this gateway for this operation.

Once we have opened the account in Payza you will see that the process is easier than you would have thought the only thing you have to do to change your Bitcoins is the following steps.

# 1-To start we will click on "Add Funds".
# 2- Among the options available is Bitcoin we will click on it.
# 3- In this part we will choose the amount of Bitcoin we want to enter (the minimum is 0.05 BTC).
# 4- Now we just need to confirm the exchange, we put the PIN of our Payza account and we will click on "DEPOSIT".
# 5- Now we are depositing through the Purse that you are using in the Address that Payza has generated for us.

NOTE: Payza gives you 180 minutes which are 3 hours to be able to make the deposit to change your bitcoins otherwise the address provided and the entire exchange operation will be canceled automatically.

If we make the deposit before the time limit given above you can see the amount reflected in your account almost automatically, one of the best thing that has this way of changing your bitcoins is that they do not charge any commission so you will not lose a CTV in changing your Bitcoins and you are doing it in a safe way.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.