Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year. It is a perfect time to share with family and friends and enjoy all the traditions of the day. Apart from sending online christmas wishes gif on social media, we invite you to celebrate Christmas in an original way, in a traditional meeting with some different elements so that you can have a happy and different moments together with your loved ones. Discover how in this article:

Steps to follow:

1. Would you like to celebrate Christmas in your home or outside the city? Well, a great way to make a different celebration, if the budget allows it, is to celebrate Christmas outside the city. Many families choose lodges in the mountains to change the air. In countries where it is summer during Christmas, some families choose to go to the beach to enjoy the festivities together. Choosing another place to celebrate Christmas could prove to be a perfect trip to have a different Christmas Eve.

2. Perhaps the budget does not fit a getaway out of town with your family, but they can make the little ones live a moment of fun and joy. We all know that Christmas really belongs to children and if there are several of your family then you can create a simple contest between them. Buy cards of Christmas colors and explain to the children a couple of days before Christmas Eve that there will be a Christmas contest that day. Each of them must draw a simple ornament for the tree (a cane, a doll of nine etc) and the one who draws the most beautiful will win a prize. Of course, you will buy the same prize for everyone and you will tell them that after deliberating, it is impossible to decide why it is more beautiful. You tell them that everyone has, therefore, won. Choose a simple detail in any cheap store and allow the little ones to have fun creating and painting on Christmas Eve.

3. Another option for an original Christmas that encourages saving is to exchange gifts instead of buying a gift to each of your relatives. But this is not like any other common exchange. Each family member should buy a generic gift, a good gift, something that is to their liking which he or she knows that it can please the majority – for example, a gift card for a relaxing day in a spa, a gift coupon in a good Clothing store, a simple iPod, the special edition of a book etc. Each one carries his gift and before distributing them, all the names are placed in a bag and the papers are taken out. The most fun of this gift exchange is that after each member opens their gifts, their new owners can change it for another if both people agree. This can prove to be a very interactive and interesting Christmas delivery.

4. Without losing the tradition of the typical dishes of your country or region, you can make appetizers that are different and original. These could be, for example, some alu gobi, chicken tikka masala, some Mexican nachos with shots of tequila, an Italian antipasto accompanied by a wine of the region, etc. If you have guests of various nationalities, you can honor them with something from their countries. You can invite your relatives to bring something typical of the region they belong to, in order that at the gastronomic aspect, they can have options to have fun.

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