Summers may not be a good time for hair. Most of the hair damage, loss of moisture and shine, hair fall and split ends may appear due to heat. Most of the women who don’t even get their hair colored may face hair damage in summer. If you don’t want summer to be a bad hair month, then these following summer remedies will help you to keep your hair healthy and damage-free.

The summer hair trim
Trimming your hair can help in good healthy hair growth. This might help you to get rid of dry split ends. Trimming your hair will also help less sweating of the scalp and get rid of tangles. Getting your hair summer-ready is all about trimming it.

Cover and protect the hair
Direct exposure to the sun may not burn the hair directly. However, the scalp can damage due to top overexposure to UV rays. If the scalp is affected, hair damage can occur. Covering your hair with a scarf can help in retaining hair moisture and shine. Summer winds might carry dust into your hair that cause hair tangling and dry hair, so cover-up and protect hair in summer.

Be comfortable and free
Keeping your hair comfortable and loose can minimize damage. Tight hairdos may break the hair and cause dryness. So lock the moisture up by doing a hair bun or any other style that is comfortable and free.

The hair wash care
Washing your hair once every week in summer might be enough. Washing the hair more often makes your hair lose moisture and dries up the scalp. Putting oil before hair wash can reduce heat in the hair. Using a mild shampoo in summer is good hair care.

Beat the heat
Hair is already exposed to heat in summer, so blow drying your hair may make it even worse. Other hair treatments such as ironing, curling, or straightening can also be avoided in summer. Natural, breezy hair is a good way to beat the heat.

Seal the moisture
Some of the natural moisture retainers are aloe Vera, yogurt, argan oil, and avocado oil. Pre-treating hair before hair wash can help in sealing the hair moisture. Some of these natural oils can be diluted in water and can be applied to hair.

After wash treatment
After washing deep conditioning, it is important. Some of the natural hair conditioners are apple cider vinegar, Shea butter, and a drop of coconut oil. These items can de-frizz, detangle, moisturize, and give you shiny hair in summer.

Healthy diet
If you need healthy hair, a healthy diet is necessary. For good shiny, smooth hair, you can eat all the summer fruits and a lot of greens.

Be hydrated
By drinking enough water and taking fluid rich fruits like watermelons, cucumber, coconut water, and buttermilk can help you be hydrated. Beating body heat can make your head cool and results in less hair damage.

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Summer may be the time to take extra care of your hair. These above hair remedies do not only apply to the individuals who get hair treatments such as coloring, highlighting, and bleached hairs. Those who have healthy hair can also protect from damages in summer by following the above remedies.

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