Just like all sports equipment and accessories, baseball gloves are pricey. It is therefore economical to play with a set of gloves for a long period or seasons and not just one season. This longevity aspect of a glove, however, is subject to how well the glove is kept and taken care of by the player. For one to take care of a baseball glove, there are some factors of the glove that must be clear to the baseball player.

First, the gloves make, and the materials used to make the glove. With a clear understanding that the primary material of the glove is leather, the taking care responsibility of the player is hugely simplified.
There is no universal way of taking care of the baseball gloves but there are steps of doing this that are hugely simplified and easy to follow. They include the following.

• Proper cleaning of the glove

Just like baseball bats gloves are prone to dust and dirt from the pitch. Cleaning the glove after every single game or practice is vital. There are tons of ways to clean the glove but not all methods are beneficial to the long life of the baseball glove. The first cleaning aspect that is crucial to making sure that the glove is clean after the game. This is possible by easily brushing the glove off from the field’s dirt with a soft brush.

Since the gloves are leather made, it is imperative to use recommended leather cleaner or detergent when the gloves are soiled. This helps in maintaining the correct textures as well as the natural color of the baseball gloves.

Second, after cleaning, it is important to allow the gloves dry naturally outside. Although this method of drying the glove makes it rigid, the leather that makes the gloves has a way of regaining the softness character after some time, just like the leather shoes.
• Proper storage of the baseball gloves

How the baseball gloves are stored defines how long the gloves last. When properly stored, the gloves are able to be usable for many seasons. There are clear guidelines on how the baseball glove is supposed to be stored. First, the glove must be stored at a moderate temperature preferably room temperature.

This means therefore that the gloves should be kept away from extreme hot areas in the house. The baseball glove is supposed to be kept clean always. Thirdly, it is important to keep the baseball glove in the correct shape and this can be achieved by keeping the baseball in the pocket for the time the baseball glove is not used.

• Conditioning and usage of the baseball glove

After cleaning, the glove may lose the leather appeal and it may start to look dull. This can be adjusted by using the recommended conditioners available.

The golden rule of using conditioners on the baseball glove is not to overdo it but instead do in moderation.
Second, how the gloves are handled determines their use duration. It is therefore important as a player to avoid doing such things such as spitting on the glove because saliva is reactive to leather and this may make the pocket to have a faded look after some time.

Thirdly, it is important not to let the glove stay anywhere after the game because this makes the baseball glove gather dust quickly.

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In conclusion, comparing the glove price tag and the price of taking care and conditioning the baseball glove, the cost of taking care is too large extent minimal.

This, therefore, gives taking care of the baseball glove the required importance. After all, baseball gloves are pricey by many standards

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