The process of lead generation, when your company gets an opportunity to get contact information from interested prospects to nurture these leads in the future, is a significant element of the customer lifecycle that leads to business success.

No matter what your company's size is, whether you run a popular business with thousands of customers or you're a small business owner who is just starting out, it's crucial to capture more leads that can become paying customers with time.

Although there are many lead generation tactics, using customer service in your lead generation process is one of the most effective ways to capture more leads. 

Why Do Businesses Capture Leads with Customer Service?

With the wide range of lead generation trends, your customer support channel is one of the most effective sources of leads. When your business provides outstanding customer service, you get a chance to capture more leads as you:

  • Deal with warm contacts: People who turn to your customer service channels are warm contacts. When people show interest in your company and they want to get prompt customer support, it's easier to convince them to share their contact information. 

  • Increase brand loyalty and trust: Customer expectations have grown and people want to get customer support during various phases of the customer journey. When you help potential and existing customers solve their problems, not only do you capture more leads, but you also get a chance to increase brand loyalty and trust.

  • Create a natural lead generation process: It's no secret that interested prospects are more likely to share their contact information with your brand. When they seek out customer support, generating leads is not about putting your brand first; it's about providing assistance when needed and it's about the natural lead generation process.

Customer service and lead generation go hand in hand in the customer lifecycle. Here are five great ways to capture more leads with customer service.

  1. Create Canned Responses for Worried Customers

It's no secret that customers crave prompt responses when they reach out to businesses for customer support. To increase response rate and capture more leads, think about making up canned responses–predefined answers to questions your customers have more often.

One of the best ideas is to ask your customer service representatives to analyze frequently-asked questions and create a list of canned responses that encourage people to share their contact information.

Here's how a canned response can look like:

  1. Implement a Live Chat on Your Website

In the modern world, when people discover and research information online, a website is a business card that tells more about your company and its values. Thus, the majority of people check out your website first when they have questions or concerns.

If you provide customer service on the website, think about implementing chat software that can help to provide customer support. Not only does it help to solve concerns in an easy way, but it also can capture more leads. How? Ask your customer support team to encourage visitors to share their contact information to get responses via their preferred channel instead of waiting for replies online. Since people value their time, they will be more likely to give these contact details to your customer support members. For business, this means generating leads.

  1. Build a Helpful Knowledge Base

A well-organized knowledge base is a collection of useful information that serves as an effective customer self-service tool that helps people find answers to their questions whenever it's needed without interacting with customer support representatives. It can include FAQ sections, explainer videos, and other methods that provide visitors with information about your company, its policies, products, etc.

For example, Ahrefs includes a help center page as one of the resources on its website that has a knowledge base with all important information about common questions or concerns.

The best thing is that you can generate leads with a knowledge base as you can include a lead gen form that collects contact information from interested users who want to find more specific replies from your company.

  1. Resolve Customer Concerns on Social Media

The growth of social media platforms has changed customer service expectations, too. Since more and more people spend a considerable amount of time on social media, they check out business profiles when having customer support questions.

When you monitor brand mentions and resolve customer concerns on social media, you get a chance to capture more leads from followers and it results in an effective social media upgrade which also means more trust and higher loyalty.

One of the ways to provide customer service on social media is to make the most out of Instagram Story Highlights and create a separate album with FAQs. This tactic helps social media users find replies to their questions with ease and it can also help to generate leads if you use clickable links that redirect viewers to lead generation landing pages.

  1. Include a Lead Capture Form on Your Landing Page

The importance of landing pages is undeniable. With a particular goal and a strong call to action, landing pages give your business a chance to attract your target audience and convert visitors into leads. To get more leads with your landing page, it's also important to include a lead capture form that collects all important information about your visitors and therefore helps to nurture leads in the future.

Check out an impressive example of a lead capture form:

With the growing number of spam, not all visitors are ready to share their contact information via lead capture forms. Thus, you lay a bet on email verification to check out all captured emails in bulk and nurture collected leads effectively.

In Short

When done right, providing customer service can be one of the most effective ways to capture more leads from potential and existing customers. Since people seek out customer support assistance from your company, they are warm contacts who show interest in interacting with you. This means they are more likely to share their contact information in exchange for getting their concern or problem solved. If lead generation is one of your business priorities, think about using the above-mentioned ways to capture more leads with customer service as the payoff is huge.

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