How To Calm Down From Anxiety: Bad Anxiety Attack

Panic attack relief can be a hard thing to find. Trust me, I know. I was looking for my own relief for over 17 years. Eventually I made some progress and discovered some tricks and techniques that really helped.

There's one technique in particular that really worked great at preventing panic attacks from happening almost entirely.

It's all based on the early warning signs our bodies give us that an attack is coming. Unfortunately, for most people, they either fail to spot these warning signs, or they ignore them.

The result? No panic attack relief, and usually a full-blown attack.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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So, first of all, you need to spot your panic attack warning signs. You may know them already. If not, just pay close attention next time during the moments before an attack strikes.

What happened to your body? What were you thinking? How did you feel?

Each of us is different, so we'll all have different patterns. Just concentrate on finding your own, and you'll do fine.

So, what do you do when you know this about yourself

You keep on the lookout for it.

Say that the first sign you're going to have a panic attack is palpitations. The moment you notice those palpitations in the future, concentrate on stopping those, rather than trying to stop the panic attack.

Deep breathing will help the palpitations, and the panic attack will lose its fuel.

Maybe your first warning sign is dizziness. In that case, any time you feel dizzy and fear an attack, lie down and close your eyes. You stop the dizziness, you stop the panic attack.

Essentially, this trick works like this: you learn the things that happen to you and your body before an attack. You keep on the lookout for those warning signs. When you spot one, concentrate on stopping that one thing, instead of trying to stop the panic attack itself.

This trick works. By going after the thing that causes the attack, you rob your anxiety of its fuel. This is one of the best ways I know to achieve panic attack relief.

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Everybody suffers daily anxiety which is normal, especially in our modern way of life. But people who have Generalized Anxiety Disorder -- sometimes called General Anxiety Disorder -- suffer far higher and more intense levels of anxiety every day. Whereas people without GAD can overcome their anxieties and fears, people with GAD just cannot.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a chronic condition that leaves the sufferer with overwhelming fear and anxiety. They continually obsess, stress and worry about things and situations in a way that far outweighs their significance. And they are aware they are doing this but they just don't know how to control their fears.

Sufferers tend to obsess about the future by always expecting the worst in terms of things such as family, job, income, relationships, exams, etc. They just cannot relax and they invariably have sleep problems. And apart from the fear and constant worry, they can have many other symptoms such as nausea, hot flashes, sweats, twitching, shaking, lightheadedness, headaches, irritability. The frequent need to urinate is common too, as is depression.

Although GAD doesn't normally include agoraphobia -- the fear of open spaces -- and many sufferers can continue working and socializing, in other ways it's so severe that it definitely affects their quality of life, and, in the severest cases, makes it almost impossible to get on with normal daily life.

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There are drug-based treatments that can work for many people, but the use of things like tranquilizers and antidepressants doesn't suit everyone, especially due to the many side effects which include dependency issues. In any case these are treating mood or just calming mechanisms.

The underlying issue at the heart of Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the continual 'fear' that sufferers feel. This fear of the future and about what might happen, however irrational, is real to the sufferer nevertheless. And it can be so acute that it causes your general anxiety levels to reach such an intensity that it can trigger panic attacks. And these are just so terrifying experiences that you are absolutely terrified of having another.

This just builds on your existing fear putting you into a vicious cycle of anxiety. So the key is for you to break that cycle. Drugs won't do this, only you -- with a little help -- can.

To show you how powerful you can be, do this for me:- try to have a panic attack right now, go on try; and try again. You can't can you? And the reason being is that you faced it head-on and so you were in control this time. This is just a very simple example to show you how can regain control of your life with the right help.

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First, we need to make a distinction between the everyday anxiety that we all experience and the more severe anxiety that many of us experience.

The first is the normal stress and strains we all have to get through on a daily basis, which we do pretty successfully.

But the second is where the anxiety that many people have is so intense that it affects there quality of life. They worry about the same things, but in a way that is far too far over the top. The worry constantly about things like their family, their job, friends, shopping, driving, etc. In fact they become obsessive, continually expecting the worst. So you can summarize someone with general anxiety as having constant fear and foreboding.

So there you already have some of the symptoms of anxiety; fear, constant worrying, always stressed out, not able to relax, obsessing, etc. But there are physical symptoms too, such as nausea, trembling, sweating, diarrhea, frequent need to urinate, sleep problems, irritability, dizzy spells / lightheadedness, headaches, feeling of a 'lump in the throat' and depression.

General anxiety is most often treated with anti-depressants, tranquilizers and sometimes beta-blockers for some of the physical symptoms. Now, they can work whilst you are taking them as long as the dosage is absolutely correct. But they are really just treating the symptoms by managing your mood and calming you down. What about the underlying fear? and what happens when you come off the medication?

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To do what the prescription medications do, you can turn -- as many more people are doing -- to natural home remedies using herbs, homeopathy, supplements, etc. You can also make selective changes to your diet and lifestyle, plus, learn relaxation exercises and improve your health through daily exercise. You can also learn yoga, meditation, and even join self-help groups.

But what about your underlying fear? How are you going to get rid of that? It really is very important to eliminate this fear because it is continually adding to your existing high anxiety levels, so much so that it invariably causes terrifying panic attacks, which only adds to your fear.

This has been referred to as your anxiety cycle. But it's a vicious cycle that you have to break in order to cure your general anxiety. You have to do this yourself, but you'll need some help.

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Overcoming a panic attack can take a long time. There are cases where people have successfully overcome panic disorder but the cure took many years. Even worse, is the fact some people deal with it all their lives without ever actually being able to defeat it. However, it doesn't take a lifetime or even years to defeat panic disorder syndrome. It can be done in a very short time and in this article, we discuss how.

It is unfortunate panic attack disorder can be such an integral part of a person's life that it controls him or her for many years. It is also unfortunate that many, probably hundreds of thousands of people are inflicted with it. Still, there is very good news. This news is that hundreds of thousands of others have overcome panic attacks and it is possible for anyone to do the same.

Feeding Anxiety with Fear

The food that nourishes panic and keeps it strong and robust is the sufferer's own fear. It is anxiety or perhaps nervousness that produces the seeds from which panic starts to grow. However, this anxiety cannot develop into full-fledged panic unless our fear of panic attacks exists.

Once we learn how to not fear anxiety, we will no longer build it into a state of panic. It is our fearful reaction to symptoms brought about by common ordinary anxiety that builds this anxiety up to the point of panic. In order to learn how to keep anxiety from building any further we simply have to learn how to accept anxiety and any symptom it may bring about.

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They Are Just Feelings

Anxiety not only brings with it nervous feelings, but it also brings about uncomfortable or even frightening physical sensations. Some of these physical sensations are:

· Fast, heavy beating heart

· Dilated pupils which make things look funny and filmy to us

· Shaking and trembling

· Fast heavy breathing which may make us feel lightheaded or dizzy

· Unsteady feeling

When we experience these feelings many of us feel as if we are having a heart attack or stroke. However, when it is anxiety behind these feelings it is not a physical ailment. So, learning how to not fear these feelings stops anxiety from building and so, the anxiety will never become panic.

Once we have arrested panic we should never hope for it to stay away or we should never live in fear we will have another panic attack. In fact, we should go out looking for panic and challenge it to come to us and do the very worst to us it will. Taking this attitude will very quickly make panic ineffective and before very long, we will be free of it forever.

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