The most essential part of setting up a home network or even if you are upgrading to a new one is a wireless router. Selecting the right router can show you the difference between a flawless connectivity and the one which always buffers.

First let us understand what wireless routers are. A wireless router is a modem router combo – which means it is a combination of a router and a modem with the help of which you can not only send data to through the internet cable to any device but also share that data through radio signals without the need of an extra cable.

How does a wireless router work?

When the router is plugged into by a phone or a cable line the data from the cable line can be sent to the router which in turn converts it into radio signals which are easily picked up by devices enabled with wifi like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

When you are out looking for a good wifi router and have gone through unlimited wifi router reviews you can easily get confused as to which brand and device to buy. Here are the best 5 strategies to implement or you can say the 5 most important things to consider or to look for while looking for a router to avail of the best wifi router for you:

1. Opting for router provided by the ISP or not:
It is a taken that when you sign up with a new internet service provider or the ISP you will be provided with a more or less serviceable device which is a router and a modem combined. There are different rules for charging the device in different countries like for e.g. if you live in the U. S. you will be charged an additional cost of around $5 for the device and in any other country the rate of the service includes the rate for the device as well. Now if you are planning to use the router for a long time it is advisable to invest in your own router rather than making do with the router that the ISP has to offer. The reasons are:

• You can get a router online which is in much better service able condition at a much lower price.
• Ensures better speed and performance.

2. Range of the router:
When you are deciding for the right position of your router it is vital that you allocate it a central position, away from other gadgets and equipment's and preferably on a high shelf. But in spite of investing in a costly and the best routers available and placing those in the most favorable areas there might be problems for signals to reach the most remote area of the house. In such situations power line adapters can help you extend your original network to every nook and corner of the house. They are extremely cost effective and you can use the existing electrical wiring of the house to make use of these adapters. You can also make the use of the heat map software which is known to be helpful in extending the coverage area of your router.

3. USB ports:
What did you do to connect your printers to the router before the wireless printers were invented and used? For networking with the printer a USB port on the router was very essential feature. Now that there are wireless printers available and used more widely these USB ports are used for cheap network storage. Plug in a flash storage drive into your router to share the data within it with any other device.

4. Single band or double band:
There are two different frequency bands used by routers, they are: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The band 2.4 GHz is more of a popular band and you will find most of the people around your network using it and hence you might find this band to be always congested and face a lot of interference. The 5 GHz band is comparatively new and much more clutter free and hence you can experience the joy of using a faster connectivity. Opt for a dual band router which will have the facility of using both the bands simultaneously. If you have to choose between the two types of bands you will have to consider the area around your residence. If you live in a crowded residential area opt for 5 GHZ band and if you are a little away from civilization a 2.4 GHZ band is also enough.

5. Price:
Whatever things we buy for our house we always follow our budget. While shopping for a router it is difficult to decide what should be the right price for investing in this device because of the following two reasons:
• Technology is fast advancing. You might choose a top of the rank router for your long time use which might be outdated within a year or two.
• As compared to ISP networking hardware is increasing its demand in the market and hence mid-tier routers can suffice your network needs,
New innovative routers are entering the market everyday so make sure you have the right device when you invest in one.

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