This article details on the valuable aspects which, you must consider before buying commercial bar stools for your restaurant, bar, or café.

Food is definitely not the only thing that attracts people to any restaurant, café, or bar. The ambience or interior design of the place is also something that serves as the selling point for such establishments. And when it comes to the items relevant to interior designing, furniture is no less than other aspects like lighting, overall theme, or wall décor.

Commercial bar stools have always been an elemental piece of furniture found in most of the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. But choosing the right type of stools for your uniquely themed restaurant or bar is what you should be extra careful about.

Following here’s a brief on different types of stools available these days.

Bar stools come in a range of choices and so you need to do a little research before taking the right decision. Starting from the feature of height adjustability, backrest or backless, with armrest or no armrest, footrest or no footrest to swivel or without swivel, you can shop from multiple options available and hence, must be chosen based on your unique needs.

Bar stools generally come in two different sizes which are the highest and medium-high. They come in variety of choices when it comes to the shape which include:

• Round
• Rectangular
• Square
• Barrel-shaped
• Oval
• Asymmetric and more.

Valuable tips on choosing the right bar stools

Durability: First and foremost, checking durability of the furniture items is something you must do to ensure that they will last for a considerable period of time. As your restaurant or bar is a place for amusement, people will come there to relax or unwind, and spend quality time with their friends. So it is recommended to look for durable items which, can be exposed to extreme usage. This is the reason, wooden, metal or plastic made stools are mostly considered as the ideal choice.

Hardness or strength: Evaluating the hardness of the seats is another aspect to consider which, comes in three forms including:

• Hard (no upholstery)
• Semi-rigid (upholstered)
• Soft (with filing and upholstery)

Size: Choosing the appropriate size of the stools is another factor to choose before which, you must measure the bar counter’s height. You can choose from a variety of multifunctional options backed by a lifting mechanism which will be suitable for the most of the bar stools as they can be lowered down or raised up easily.

Design: Selecting the right design of stools that would complement the décor or ambience of the overall space is what you should also focus on. From classic-styled, contemporary-themed, rustic to bespoke, you can opt for a variety of design options to choose from.

The bottom line

Other important considerations such as shape, colour or material choice also influence your buying decision. Choosing the right commercial bar stools requires you to keep note of the different options available and this is why online shopping is known to be the most popular option. With so many online furniture stores available these days where you can get plenty of options to consider at attractive discounts, choosing the right items becomes extremely easy.

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