There are various kinds of Puerh tea on the market today, and many brands are also dazzling. How can I be assured when buying Puerh tea? How can I buy the right Puerh tea?

When buying tea, the evaluation standard is "pure and pure": First, it is clear: smell it: the taste should be clear, and there should be no smell. The second is pure: distinguish its color, brown like jujube, not as dark as lacquer. The third is positive: keep it in place and store it in a dry warehouse, not in a humid place. The fourth is qi: Pinqi soup has a mild taste and must not be mixed in five flavors.
1. Arbor Puerh tea trees are mostly grown in areas around 1000 meters above sea level. The trees are three to five to forty or even one hundred years old. They are mixed with various plants to form a complete plant ecosystem. It is not easy to grow insects and has sufficient nutrients. The value-added potential is large, but the prices are different, which is closely related to the high level of price production technology in the later period.

2. Puerh tea has different tastes according to different tea areas and grades. Some of them have a bitter taste, some have a light green fragrance, and some have strong tea. But should be clear soup color, sweet and smooth taste, natural smell is better.

3. The raw tea with short age has strong gas and good greasy removal benefit. Most people think that it is cold, suitable for people with hot physique, obesity, and high blood pressure. The temperature of cooked tea is mild, smooth and delicate, warming the stomach and stomach. It is suitable for people with low body temperature to drink it.

4. Puerh tea has value-added space because of its increasing age and fragrance. The collection of Puerh tea can indeed achieve certain economic benefits, but you cannot blindly choose to follow suit. When collecting, be sure to choose arbor tea with good tea quality and tea products produced by manufacturers with good brand reputation.

5. The Puerh tea has a unique taste, but it has a closer influence on the raw material itself and the storage and storage environment. The variety and quantity of real old tea on the market are limited, and the price is expensive. In pursuit of profit, some unscrupulous businessmen use various methods to make fake old tea. Because it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the authenticity from the appearance, it is very deceptive. Therefore, don't blindly pursue old tea, you should read more, ask more and communicate more, or purchase it at a reputable merchant.
6. The pure Puerh tea does not add any color, flavoring and spices.

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