Ever since the invention of Bitcoin, trading cryptos became an important part of life for many people. Trading BTC and other coins became a valid way to profit, and every once in a while, some cryptos become more attractive.

One of the cryptos, that many traders were looking to buy recently, is Monaco, which uses the ticker symbol MCO.

So, what exactly is Monaco, and how to buy it? More importantly — how to trade it with other cryptos?

In this article, we’ll give a brief overview of MCO, and then present a short beginner’s guide to MCO trading.

What Is MCO Actually?

MCO is native to a platform called crypto.com, which was established back in 2016. Its original name – Monaco – remained after rebranding in 2018, as well as its ticker symbol.

Its goal is to help people make a transition from fiat money to cryptos. It plans to act globally with the ultimate target to help everyone switch to digital money. Whether the company will succeed in that or not is impossible to predict, but its efforts are mirrored in the price of its coin — Monaco (MCO).

MCO isn’t really a leading digital coin in the crypto sphere, but plenty of traders include it as part of their standard trading strategy.

The total supply of MCO is 31,587,682, whereas the circulating supply is about 15.7 million MCO. MCO reached its highest price per unit on August 27, 2019. Back then, a single MCO was $27.1. However, the currency had its all-time low just a bit over a month, when it was $0.64.

Buying MCO — A Short Guide

To obtain MCO, you should visit a crypto trading site that accepts Monaco. Since MCO is not that popular, you’re more likely to find it on decentralized exchange platforms (DEX).

We’ll use Godex.io to explain the trading process.

Godex.io features two fields — the left one is for the crypto you want to sell, and the right one for the crypto you want to buy. Therefore, if your goal is to buy MCO, you need to select that cryptocurrency in the right field.

After that, all you should do is enter how much crypto you want to sell or how much MCO you’d like to buy. The calculator on Godex.io will tell you the price of the other.

The last step is to enter the destination wallet address and confirm your exchange.

Let’s see a practical example. Imagine you have COS and want to buy MCO.

Select COS on Godex from the left dropdown menu and MCO from the right. Enter the amount in one field and the other will automatically be filled with the latest price.

The MCO to COS calculator can also work vice versa. What does that mean?

It means that if you want to sell MCO and buy COS instead, you just need to click the swap button located between the left and the right fields, and the platform will do the rest for you.

Why Godex?

We didn’t choose Godex by chance for this example. It is a safe, secure, and trustworthy DEX, which covers 200+ cryptocurrencies, including MCO and COS. Moreover, it comes with a set of additional great features that will make your trading enjoyable, such as a built-in converter, low fees, fast transactions, and more.

Most importantly, Godex.io is a beginner-friendly platform, meaning you’ll be able to understand how it works much quicker than other crypto exchanges.

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Most importantly, Godex.io is a beginner-friendly platform, meaning you’ll be able to understand how it works much quicker than other crypto exchanges.