Buying domestic appliances is a major decision for any home owner as most of items are high value purchases such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions. Sure, you can buy a fridge at $500 or less but if you want better quality, more features, and a popular brand the price can quickly go up. Fortunately, you can buy your desired appliances at a much lower price and I am not talking about secondhand. Here’s how!

Here are 7 ways on how to buy big brand appliances new at huge discounts.

  1. Shop on Sales. The best time to buy appliances is during sales especially on holidays such as Black Friday or Christmas Day. There are holidays throughout the year that you can take advantage of but if you can’t wait for the next holiday ask a sale’s personnel for a discount on the day, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Stores have sale for various reasons throughout the year including their anniversary day so it’s worthwhile to ask. You can get great deals during sales including huge discounts.
  2. Trade-In. If you have an old appliance that you think still has value, bring it to a trade-in store. If you don’t know a store that accepts trade-in near you, ask an appliance dealer. There are many appliance centers and retailers that would accept an old appliance as a partial payment for a new appliance. This will allow you to upgrade to your new appliance without paying for the full price.
  3. Buy Last Year’s Model. Just like any other electronics, the price of new appliances is at its highest on their first release. You can get a better deal if you wait a little longer as the price will most likely fall as months goes by or when new models of appliances are release. Stores need to make a room for new models and will deal with old models by reducing their prices or putting them on sale at a discount. Most new models are released comes in September and October so check appliance centers on these months.
  4. Consider a Display Model. Do you know you can buy a display model at a lower price? If you don’t mind not having the proper packaging for your appliance then you’re in for a huge discount. Display models are working perfectly and come with a full warranty just like in-box appliances. The only difference is you’ll be taking it home without its cardboard box.
  5. Go to the ‘Scratch and Dent’ section. This section of the store has incredibly marked down prices but you have nothing to worry about on these appliances. There is nothing wrong with them except for having a minor scratch or dent. They are shiny, unused, 100% functional, and come with a full warranty. For your peace of mind, make sure to ask the clerk to do a functionality test before buying the item.
  6. Buy Appropriate Size. Consider your needs when choosing the size of an appliance. If a smaller size can fulfill your needs, then go for it. This will save you a lot of money as large appliances are much more expensive that their smaller versions.
  7. Compare Prices. Visiting different stores before buying an appliance will allow you to compare prices and know how much you can save. How would you feel if you just purchased a new appliance then find out that another shop is selling it at 50% Off? Different stores offer different prices and deals. Others may offer cheaper prices, are on sale, or give you freebies. It is also worthwhile to check online stores on your search as they offer great deals too.

Be a smart buyer when purchasing home appliances. They are large and expensive , saving money on them while getting the best quality would be helpful and satisfying.

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