Asides from the cute colors and patterns, when buying your baby’s clothes there a number of important factors to be considered. Babies require a lot of diaper change, burping and they tend to soil their clothes very often. The wrong outfit can make this a nightmare for both mother and baby. In order to avoid such a situation, some simple guides for baby shopping can make all the difference.

Here are some tips to follow when buying baby clothes.

Don’t buy too many

It is normal to be excited when shopping for your newly born and want to buy too much. Well, keep in mind that babies grew quickly and will overgrow their clothes in no time. Also until you meet your baby, it might turn out you bought the wrong size of clothes.

Always go big

If you can’t figure out what size of clothes to buy for your baby, go for the bigger size. This is because with babies you blink and they’re two times bigger! If it turns out to be too big, rolling up pant legs and sleeves will do the trick.

Go for soft fabrics

It is important to shop for clothes with soft fabrics because newly born babies have very fragile skin and will easily react to harsh fabrics. Experts recommend that parents buy cotton clothes for their babies.

Ensure clothes are easy to take off

Buying outfits that are easy to take off will make life much easier for you and your baby. Buttons can make undressing a chore, especially if your baby won’t stay put. Zippers and snaps, on the other hand, are easy to take off. Also, buy stretchy clothes with really stretchy neck holes.

Consider diaper change

Diaper change is a big part of the package as a parent, so it is better to go for overalls with snaps at the crotch. This way when it's time to change your baby it is easy to take off the bottom part of the overall.

Choose stretchy pants

Babies look extremely cute in jean pants, but these can make undressing really difficult. When buying pants for you baby go for elastic pants with stretchy waistbands that are very easy to pull off.

Buy bright colored clothes

When buying baby clothes, go for bright colors such as yellow, cream, blue, purple, pink and so on. You can find really brightly colored cute baby clothes from Bitsy Bug Boutique.

Safety notes

1. Ensure your baby’s garments meet up to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements.

2. Keep in mind that clothing accessories such as baby bows, flowers, beads, buttons, hooks and so on, can result in choking hazards. When you buy outfits with these extras ensure you tugs on them to make sure they are attached properly. Also, keep an eye on your baby when they have these outfits on.

3. Outfits with drawstrings and bands present risks of strangulation. Ensure drawstrings are properly sewn to the outfit before purchase.

Babies are very delicate so when shopping for clothes, try not to be carried away by excitement. Buy practical and safe clothes for your baby.

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