Buying a motorcycle helmet is a daunting task, as you want a helmet that will save your head from the crash. A helmet is the most protective headgear, which many riders struggle to buy the right helmet for their rides. To obtain the ideal helmet for your ride, there is a guide on how to buy a motorcycle helmet.

How to Purchase the Ideal Helmet

Purchasing the ideal helmet for your ride is not as easy as it sounds, as there are countless helmets with different models offering various price points. There are so many considerations to make when it comes to buying a helmet. To ease your buying decision, such considerations for buying a helmet mention below:

Legal Safety Stamps

In motorcycle helmets, three safety standards are DOT, ECE and Snell. These safety standards contribute to a safe and approved headgear by the transportation department. Depending on the country and city you live in, it is crucial to look for a helmet that mentions either one of these three safety standards. They appear at the back of the helmet or inside the helmet label. To

to know how to buy a motorcycle helmet is to keep an eye on these safety standard stamps.

Head Size and Shape

The head size and shape is very important in road safety, as you want a helmet that will protect your head from impacts. To know your head size is to take a measuring tape and measure from the inch above your eyebrows down to the midway of your head. You will obtain your accurate head size. To demonstrate your head shape is to flatten your hair as flat as possible and take the picture above the head. There are three head shapes, which are round oval, intermediate oval and long oval. Be careful that different helmet brands have their head size chart. Make sure you take care of the head size chart you follow for a certain helmet brand.

Helmet Fit

The fit of your helmet is the main factor to consider, as you want your head to feel fit and comfortable on the road. When it comes to the fit of your helmet, the helmet must fit snugly onto your head and should not feel any pressure points on different parts of your head. If this is the case with your helmet, you are wearing the wrong helmet size. To test the fit of the helmet is to try as many helmets as you can until you have found the right fit for your ride. The helmet fit should work if you have measured your head size and shape.

Types of Helmets

Protective headgears have six types of helmets, which are full face, modular, open face, half face, dirt bike and dual sport. Each helmet type has its benefits and pitfalls as each type of helmet functions for a definite type of rider. Make sure you buy a helmet that will protect your head from the crash. If you want a helmet with natural ventilation, you can go for the Best Half Helmet.


The colour of the helmet comes into consideration, as you want an ideal colour of your helmet that will stand out on the road. When it comes to the colour of your helmet, you should go for medium to lighter shade to stay visible during the ride. This is important when riding with a group of friends or alone at night. To know how to buy a motorcycle helmet is to consider the colour you want for your ride.

Extra Features

Helmets that come with extra features are a great way to enjoy the ride adding further protection from impacts. Such extra features include goggles, a pair of gloves, a facemask, a space for Bluetooth, extra visors and a helmet bag. To buy a helmet for your ride is to check out the extra features the helmet has to offer. If you want a helmet for entertainment purposes, you can browse the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset.


Helmets are offered at various price points to meet the riders’ expectation of head protection. When it comes to the buying decision, price should not compromise with safety. Just because a helmet offers a very cheap price does not mean it will have a long-lasting impact on your head. To buy a helmet without being price sensitive is to look for a helmet that offers a reasonable price label.

Wrap Up

Here is the guide of how to buy a motorcycle helmet. You can see buying a helmet for your ride is a daunting process, as you want a helmet that will benefit head protection. To make your buying decision easier is to refer to the list above and purchase a helmet that will save your head from the crash. Never ignore the precautions of road safety!

So buy an ideal helmet and enjoy the ride!

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