Require some help to build the racer hoverkart?
The HCS Gadgets hoverkart kit comes with the whole set to turn your hoverboard into a real life go kart. We’ve got you covered with the process, now its time to build!

The best hoverkart requires patience so lets go…

Step 1 – Take all the accessories/parts from the box and organised, so everything is at hand point when needed to put the hoverkart together.

Step 2 – Lets start assembling… Attach the wheel segment to the hoverkart by sliding it in and tightening using knob/pulley screw. Adjust according to the user of the height.

Step 3 – Align the hoverkart seat with the hoverkart body where the four holes are located, using the bolts secure in together.

Step 4 – Attach the hoverkart handles to both sides of the hoverkart, the handles are labelled, screw in together with the kit provided.

Step 5 – Turn over the hoverkart and attach the adhesive pads provided, place over the handle brackets.

Step 6 – Loop through the hoverkart straps. – we have a video here…

That’s it you’re ready to go! If you are still struggling, use the link down below to view our video instructions.

Why not watch the hoverkart assembly structions here -

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