Want to build a BOLD IDENTITY? Then you are going to have to be willing to be teachable. In other words, we should never arrive knowledge-wise, well, until you ARRIVE eternally. This means, ideally we should be willing to receive correction personally and in our businesses/ministries at any time.

Now, this very thought could be a little unsettling for you. But, if you are a person of faith, it should be bring you the warm fuzzies. Why? Because that means you are building real, HEALTHY authentic relationships. The kind that will bring you more peace, more joy, more grace and yes, even financial stability. (If you can overcome the fear of rejection and build mental toughness:)

The Bible says in Proverbs 27:6 “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful”. Whose a real friend? Most of the time, it’s the people that will tell you what no one else will. Here’s the truth, the best way to grow your passion, your provision and advance the kingdom of God at the same time is to grow in spirit, soul and body (all at the same time)Wanna know how the “world” knows you are a “real” Christian? You model humility, teaming and unity.

“Let me be one with my brothers and sisters so that the world may believe I have been sent”. John 17:21.

The more you are able to carry all of these consistently, the more effective you will be as disciple and as a leader. The best way to sabotage yourself is to “know everything” and never learn anything new. If you are not willing to get out of your comfort level relationally, technologically, spiritually, physically you will not only stop growing but you will begin to lose the ground you have taken already.

There are three strategies you can use to keep yourself in “Mach Speed” growth mode building a BOLD IDENTITY.

Never compromise the presence of God in your life and the time you spend with him praying and declaring the scriptures. Don’t pass over invitations to learn a new skill whether they come from your spouse, your friends or your business/ministry partners. NEVER say, “Well, that’s not me”. When you are confronted relationally, listen and then whether you agree or disagree, ask for forgiveness and then look for a way to change and learn from the incident. You don’t have agree with someone’s position to make them feel heard. This one principle can be life changing in your personal life and in growing your vision.

Ask God to today to help you grow the mental toughness you need that can help you profit relationally and financially so you can always have an overflow to give to people whether it is a prayer, talent or resource you have. Need help? Learn from Clay Shiver, former Dallas Cowboy and myself while we talk about our strategies on building authentic relationships and teaming at www.slingshotsuccess.com. (Mp3 audio we did on mental toughness). The more success you gain, the more humble, teachable and consistent we all have to be.

Author's Bio: 

Becky is passionate about equipping Christians to move from sabotage to success personally and organizationally. She has first-hand knowledge of the bitter root of rejection and dysfunction due to growing up in an alcoholic home, and what it truly feels like to inadvertently sabotage your own success. Determined to become an overcomer, Becky through the grace of God, has succeeded and is paving the way for countless others to experience the best God has for them.

While doing an internship in Criminology at Florida State University in 1985, Becky received Christ into her life, thus experiencing personal and spiritual fulfillment to a degree never before known to her. She spent the next decade learning how to access her identity in Christ, to overcome addictions, depression , relational disconnect and severe anxiety. When her husband was laid off after 9/11, she went from homeschooling her 4 children to making the top sales team within 9 months with no prior sales experience.

Again in 2005, when sabotaged again with an ID theft for almost a million dollars (so massive the FBI actually got involved) Becky moved into her next “suddenly season” by running a marathon (after never being a runner) and becoming a spokesperson for a major identity company.

Becky has a passion for helping men and women tap into the strategies that empower them to build bold, authentic identities quickly and has worked with professionals ranging from non-profit organization leaders to educators and entrepreneurs. She has launched two separate businesses successfully, been part of two church planting teams and loves empowering her clients through speaking, tele-teams and coaching. She partners with Entrepreneur Beverly Lewis of www.slingshotsuccess.com and Coach and Non-Profit Leader Clay Shiver, formerly with the Dallas Cowboys ) to speak/coach and pray with leaders around the SE Region of the US.

Becky has an incredibly effective, yet gentle way, of extrapolating true feelings from each individual client and zeroing in on what’s really going on. She has over twenty years of experience working with community and ministry leaders, entrepreneurs and youth, processing them through the transition necessary to clarify their identities and build success quickly. Becky also LOVES supporting her clients and partners with prayer and watching the presence of God touch them in deep and life=changing ways. In her spare time she runs and gardens.