Everyone, or at least, most of the people would have heard of team building. Team building is an important aspect of not only business or an industry – it encompasses all facets of life. Team building skills are important and essential for every aspect of each one’s life – regardless of the fact where you work or what you do. You could be a business owner, an entrepreneur, or for that matter an employee – team building and team building skills can help determine the success of any project that you are involved in. You will discover that many projects have failed as there was lack of team work and team collaboration or it was compromised due to personalities.
People normally talk of team building and working as a team, but most of them lack the experience and expertise of team building and knowledge of how such a team works. If you would like to go ahead to create a team, the first step in this direction would be to understand what is team building and how to go about creating and developing an effective team. The basic step here is to understand the mission or objectives of your business or organization.

Every member of the team is like a cog in a wheel, and if all the cogs do not work, no work is possible – the wheel just does not turn. In a team-based environment, every member of the team contributes to the function and success of the organization, regardless of the fact in which department or section he works. Each team member is unified or bonded by the fact that he works for the organization and for the common good or welfare of the organization. Every team member will have to look at the bigger picture – the common welfare or success of the organization. Many leaders and managers have failed in team building as they could not correctly and properly define their team. Team building is not a simple matter – it needs focus, dedication, and effective communication.

Some of the factors that are responsible for poor team-building and poor team-work are given here:

Ongoing squabbles, conflicts and without any process to resolve them
Lack of co-operation
Lack of commitment to the goal
Lack of team spirit and lack of camaraderie and feeling of insecurity
Working for their own selfish goals
Lack of trust among members, no openness or trust
No proper definition of roles and overlapping of roles
No sense of brotherhood and cohesiveness
Lack of management support
Lack of focus and without any proper definition of goal
The most important aspect of team building are definition of goals, identifying those goals, defining capabilities of the team while also assessing team performance. The team members should be in a position to plan and formulate the goals while also ensuring the execution of these plans.

What is it that you can do to ensure committed team building and the successful execution of any project?

1. Define and establish the team’s goals and determine how these goals can be achieved. Examine each aspect of the goal to find out objectivity and success.

2. Evaluate and assess each member’s abilities and ability to work as a team and successfully achieve those goals. Check and clarify with each team member to make sure that he or she understands the work he/she is expected to carry out. Communicate with all the team members so that everyone understands each other’s work as well as their own work.

3. Establish team capabilities vis-a-vis the team goals and define the success for each goal. The team work and the common team goal will ensure that you achieve success.

The purpose of forming a team, is to get together a number of individuals who have specific skills to accomplish a specific project. The purpose for which an individual is selected is based on his/her skills that they bring to the task and help accomplish it.

Entrepreneurial Learning
When people talk of building a team, they mean to get a team together with common objectives and work together to fulfil a common mission or objective. Many people talk of team building but most of them do not have the expertise or knowledge of team work or how such a team is formed and how it works. It should be remembered that every member of the team is like a cog in a wheel, and if even a single cog does not work, no work is possible – the wheel just does not turn, and the entire work comes to a standstill. The purpose of forming a team, is to get together a number of individuals who have specific skills to accomplish a specific project.

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In this article the author tells us that every person is a leader by himself, but the degree of leadership varies from person to person and also depends on the circumstances. Some of the common characteristics of leadership may be present in all the people. You expect your team to work hard and succeed, but for that you will have to set an example of working hard which they can emulate. And, to be a good and effective leader you will have to prove yourself by working like a leader with interest and dedication.

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