Confidence and self-esteem are two inseparable aspects of a person’s personality. If one is not aware of their strengths and potential it might affect not only their present life but also what they can become in the future. Extremely low levels of self-esteem can lead to the loss of drive or goal in a person’s life. This is why it is no crucial that the matter of self-esteem and confidence be dealt with since childhood. Encouragement and appreciation helps a lot. Any action that is praiseworthy should be acknowledged, this motivates the person to try harder the next time

Be straightforward and specific. If you think you are impressed with your child’s performance in the class tell him that. Similarly, you should always make it known when you are unhappy with something that your child might have done. However, refrain from being too harsh while criticising. Sure you have to be firm and clear about your disproval but being too rude might affect the child’s self-esteem. If you give your child a task and he fails to perform the way it was expected from them, scolding and showing them down will only breed resentment and anger.

Having a positive attitude yourself can have a good impact on your child’s personality. Since parents are the first and natural role-models for a child, it is important that you have positive thoughts so that your child can learn to see things positively and being optimistic. This will teach them not only to believe in their potential but also to go on trying even when faced with obstacles.

Everyone cannot be good at everything. It is important to recognize one’s talent. No one is perfect. Everyone has their own individual set of strengths and flaws and one need to recognize that be focus on their strengths instead of focusing on their short-comings.
There is a general practice in parents where they go over-board in praising their kid’s achievement and strengths especially in front of others. This influences the child’s thoughts because if they cannot match up to their image that has been built in front of their others, their confidence levels would suffer. It is good to praise your kid’s for their success but do not inflate them for other’s view.

Parents should take interest in their child’s life. They should try and participate as much as possible in activities which their children enjoy indulging in. This will not only help build the child’s self-esteem but also make your bond stronger since you will share more time with your child..

Not only parents, but friends and teachers also play a big role in a child’s character development. It is important that they have a nourishing relationship not only at home but also in school and among friends. The right surrounding can make a person’s self-esteem and the wrong approach can be a great blow to the confidence.

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