A wheelbarrow planter is used for planting flowers or trees. Well, it is a tool that can help you with planting trees, not only that but also you can move that one place to another quickly. Sometimes people get confused about building a wheelbarrow planter like as; what tools should be used for making it, how much it will cost to make it, how long will it take to make it and much more. Well, this article is for those who are willing to build a wheelbarrow planter and confused about making it. A wheelbarrow planter primarily is made of wood. To build a perfect wheelbarrow, you need some instruments like as;

• Safety gloves and glasses
• Miter saw and jigsaw
• Chalk line, tape measure, spirit level and a pencil that is used for carpentry work
• Drill machinery and drill bits


Well, this topic is about the size of the wood components that are going to be used for making the wheelbarrow. These component sizes are counted as a standard dimension, but then you can consider the size of the elements by your taste and choice.

• 2 pieces of lumber 1 x 10, 16” for the bottom.
• 2 pieces of lumber 1 x 8, 19” long, cut from both sides at 15 degrees for side walls.
• 2 pieces of lumber, 19” long, both parties are cut at 15 degrees for front and back walls.
• 2 pieces of lumber 2 x 2, 48” long for axles.
• 2 pieces of lumber 1 x 6, 2.5” radius for wheels.
• 2 pieces of lumber 2 x 2, 10” long for supports.

Building a tray:

This is the beginning step of making a wheelbarrow planter. You biz to make the wooden components of the tray. You need to buy a suitable material of wood and then cut them into an equal dimension so that you can give your wheelbarrow a perfect shape. You biz to take accurate metering of the components to make it perfectly done. Well, for cutting the wooden elements perfectly you biz to use a pencil so that you can mark and cut it down properly.

Drilling holes:

After cutting the wooden components you biz to drill holes to connect them to make it as a box. For your convenience, you can use a pencil to mark the elements where you want to make holes to assemble them.

Attach the components:

This is the third step after creating holes into the components you biz to join them together. For doing this attachment you biz to use drill bits so that any pressure can not separate the wheelbarrow. You can use strong glue that is used to attach woods, but then the drill bits are preferable and dependable than glue.

Making The Wooden Wheels and handles and axles:

Now you biz to make the wheels for the wheelbarrow planter. You biz to shape them perfectly round. For this, you can use something that is perfectly round shape. You biz to make small holes into the wheel to attach it to the box. After that, you need to make a handle by that you can move the wheelbarrow. The handles should be equal in dimension. Now is the time to make axles for attaching the wheels. After making axles, you need to drill the axles to attach the wheels.

Final Touches:

You need firmly take care of the final touches. This the last part of building a wheelbarrow so that you can use this with comfort and with safety. At this stage you biz to check the parts that are strongly attached or not, so that accidents can be prevented.

Here is the basic form of building a wheelbarrow planter. You should consider the dimension by your taste and choice and which dimension is a comfort for you to move and carry. We hope that this article will be helpful to you.

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