The emphasis on value based selling is more important than ever before. With the recent economic climate, finding and selling prospects has become a greater challenge for many sales organizations. As a result, some have seen a slowdown in growth and meeting objectives. For this reason, the key is making certain your offering is better than that of the competition. This can be accomplished by building a sales team that focuses on selling value to clients.

Why Value-Based Selling is Important
Every prospective buyer wants to obtain the most value for their dollar these days. Many sales organizations have started adding more incentives to make their offer stronger and the buying decision easier for clients. This can be achieved through several methods including price reductions, special offers including bonus items, or by simply offering additional services after the sale. If a prospect is undecided, these techniques could make a big difference regarding their decision to purchase today.

Offering Value-Based Customer Service
The marketplace has become increasingly competitive. A business nowadays will have more salespeople visiting than ever before offering a wide range of products and services. For businesses with a large number of existing clients, one of the best ways of increasing orders is through enhanced customer service. Although new clientele will always be a major factor, never overlook your existing customers as an important source of revenue. Make certain you take care of these clients while addressing any issues they have quickly and professionally. A satisfied client will in many cases be a goldmine for not only more sales, but also referrals to other like-minded business people.

Effective Prospecting and Lead Generation
No sales organization will survive very long without a consistent and dedicated effort towards finding new customers through effective lead generation. The goal these days is focusing on prospects that are more targeted towards your particular offering. Companies are starting to realize that it's much more time and cost effective to zero in on clients that have a real need for their product or service. Not only does this not waste precious resources, but closing ratios seem to be much higher.

Staying Focused Every Day
Every top selling professional realizes that prospecting is part of their daily activity. Set a goal to contact a specific amount of targeted clients, schedule enough appointments to stay busy, and most importantly, present a value-based offering. This persistent effort leads to sales success.

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