A leader is someone who can see things from a different perspective, have the improvement ability, and rallies people to move toward that better vision. There is a proverb that “Leaders are not born, they are made”. But this cannot be agreed upon in all cases. This may be corrected in the maximum portion. Rather a child can also be groomed and nurtured to be a good leader. The first and foremost requirement to be a good leader is to have good communication skills. But the fact is, the kids of Generation Z lack communication, their life is boxed in the social media which makes them lack effective communication. The more kids communicate with others effectively, the more their leadership ability will grow. Mohamed Delawer a teenager coach, said, “One of my clients' kids had the fear of dealing with others in real life and his parent were under impression that their kid having an issue. However, after the conduction coaching session, it was all about the fear of communication and lack of confidence.”

If kids fail to learn communicating properly that will hurt them when growing up, leadership is all about effective communication, how to deal with difficult communication, how to provide feedback, how to build a successful team that teenagers lack already. The parents, teachers, and groomers must take them out of the box. Let them create their own path and purpose without interference. Support them, nurture them to be the leader of their own life. A leader doesn’t mean only to run a country or industry. Who can lead his own life properly and become an example for others is also a good leader.

How To Build A Leader?

1.At Home: There are a few things parents can start to grow leadership in their kids. Everything needs a start. Encourage them to make a decision even small one as their own choice of cloth, food, place of vacation, etc. Ask them why they chose it. This will empower their ability to justify and increase their communication skills. It may be silly tips you can think but it’s a great start for your kid. And also let not your kids surrounded by social media. Let them bloom like a flower.

2.Sports: Sport is a great medium for building leadership. Let them participate, no matter what the result is. Cheer them. Enroll them in football, basketball, such as sports that have a team. Let them communicate with each other. Let them make plans to get rid of the obstacles and become a winner. This will bring confidence to them. Even if they lose in the game they will find a better way to win in the next one. It is really a great element of becoming a leader.

3.Volunteer: This is also a very impactful element for your kids to make him a good leader. Let them participate in a volunteer activity that makes them part of the community. As a part of the community, they will learn to communicate with more people. Their problem-solving ability and immediate steps taking ability will increase. As discussed before, the more they communicate, the more leadership ability will grow.

4.You (parent) Communicate More: The best supervisor and teacher of kids are their parents. Parents teach their kids most of the skills that will use throughout their lives. Even in the empowerment of leadership ability, the parents’ role is more than any other thing. Parents need to teach their kids to communicate. They need to build a conversation with their kids. Talk to them about any issue, like school, sports, books, places. Find out their interests and talk more about it. Give time to the kids. It is very important to grow your kids as a leader.

5.Professional Help: Professionals are also available now to help your kids to grow as a leader. A teenage coach can help your kids to get rid of the obstacles they face. A teenage coach is highly trained with lots of knowledge and experiences. They won’t tell your kids the solutions rather they will talk to your kids, identify the problems, and help your kids to solve the obstacles on his own.

Teenager coaching in Dubai is available and it is proven that how effective it is for the kids. Like other countries teenager coaching in Dubai is also run with highly trained professionals.

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