How to build a global Personal Brand in 10 simple steps

I’m off to give a talk tonight on personal branding to a group of 35 motivated and biz savvy women who wanted to know exactly what to do to build thriving global personal brands. I was asked to give this talk in a way that would be relevant to busy mompreneurs. In celebration of Mother’s Day, I was reminded that I had better keep it short, relevant and very simple to execute.

I just booked speaking engagements in several cities around the world over the next few months and my vision 10 years ago was indeed to have a thriving global brand. I am so inspired by people who have taken the plunge into entrepreneurship! So here are 10 steps if you too have set an intention to be sharing on a global scale:

1) Know who you are
Clarity is key and unless you want to be a hot mess running around in chaos, be clear on who you are. Your identity is key and the success of your brand depends on it. Not to say that you cannot go from being a nutrition expert to a celebrity life coach, but it’s important that you start with a clear message (especially when you’re just getting started). Who are you? Why does the world need you? Why now?

2) Know who you’re not
Be cautious not to get in the trap of trying to be everything. I am speaking from experience on this one. If you have an addiction (Like I did) to saying yes to everything, you’ll end up financially strapped, burned out and grumpy. The Art of Extreme Self Care was one of my rehab books for ‘Yes’ addicts.

3) Know where you’re going
This is everything. If you have a hunger for global success, you must be clear. It’s especially important that you dig deep and pull out that internal core power and have enough confidence in yourself to feel successful before you see the external results. Every great mentor I’ve had has already seen the destination before they even got started. Any visionary will tell you that your mental picture is with certainty on its way if you take consistent action. If you’re not clear on your destination, you may wake up in 10 yrs disappointed with where you’ve ended up. I’d prefer to be in the driver’s seat!

4) Set clear goals
My personal philosophy is that the mind loves the number 3. I have found that goal setting in 3’s is very powerful. Simple is better and gets the job done! Start with a 3 year vision statement (write out the juicy details of exactly where you want to be in three years). If you want to solidify this intention, create a picture map (or vision map) to go along with this 3 year plan. Once this is clear, write out 3 specific and measurable goals at the beginning of each year (1 should be your annual income). And finally, once your 3 annual goals are set, follow this up with setting 3 weekly goals each Sunday night. Don’t forget to write your goals down on paper. It absolutely makes a difference.

5) Create a tribe
The fabulous Seth Godin speaks in great detail about this in Tribes. Creating a global tribe or movement is so inspiring to me. Why does the world need you? Why now? What can you offer your tribe that they just cannot get anywhere else? Why are you worthy of a tribe? Who is your tribe? When creating a tribe, authenticity, generosity and wisdom must be given regularly. For many of my colleagues, the first step in creating a tribe committing to vulnerability. You don’t have to share the details of your life but it is a commitment to welcome the world into your life. It is important to share enough that your audience can get to know your personality. A tribe is built on trust. Your audience must feel safe with you.

6) Know your audience
9 years ago when I got started as a business owner, social media was not what it is today and traditional marketing around knowing your target market was key. I do believe that it is still important to be very clear on who your primary target market is (even writing up a clear description of this person, giving them a name and sharing the details of their behaviors). That being said, I also believe that you must be cautious not to narrow your market too much. With social media, you have an opportunity to visit and interact with the world and you just might want to be open to the fact that your brand and your offering just might suit a much different market in another country. All I’m saying is be clear on your market but be open to broadening your reach.

7) Make a Social Media BFF
If your strength is not social media, make friends with an expert. If you are outsourcing social media activities, I strongly encourage you not to get left behind by thinking you don’t have to know much about it. There are many activities that I suggest outsourcing but social media is one activity that I encourage you to get familiar with. Even if you don’t become an expert, learn how things work, the latest platforms and remember that truly only you can fuel your tribe and they want to hear from you. It’s great to have a support team but your energy and your words are what they want to hear. I’ve heard great things about Social Media University through

8) Leverage people and money
When was the last time you could take a sabbatical for a day, a week or a month without impacting your business results or bank account? My greatest mentors have taught me that the key principle to creating success and abundance is learning and understanding the concept of leverage. I was lucky enough to learn this concept in my twenties but it would have been so helpful to learn it in my teens! If you are just starting a business or a brand, set yourself up for great success early by implementing a leverage plan. Everyone talks about social media plans but leverage plans are just as critical to business success. Hire interns, Set a financial freedom date, go to type-A rehab, stop being a perfectionist and learn to outsource. Be clear on what your primary income streams are and be clear on what your maximum profit can be even working 24-7. Work the numbers to ensure that you aren’t signing up for a burnout business.

9) Become an expert
There are two great nutritionists I know who are creating incredible businesses and are extremely savvy in terms of the generous content they share. Cynthia Pasquella and Meghan Telpner. If you are passionate about nutrition, these are two great girls to follow. If you want to set yourself up as an expert, it is even more important to be crystal clear on what you are, and what you are not. Set up a 10 minute skype call with someone in your field who has achieved expert status and is already where you want to be. Interview them and find out what the big and bold insights are. I would also suggest blogging on blogs you dig and reaching out to blogs that are popular in other countries to make new friends abroad.

10)Pull in PR
If you do have a budget to gain some support from a PR expert or agent, this is absolutely a bonus if you find someone who is a perfect fit for you and has an amazing track record. If you don’t have much of a PR budget at the moment, there are great things you can do to pull in PR. Especially if you are clear what your expertise is and you are positioning yourself as an expert. I have found Linked-In to be an amazing platform for generating PR and connecting with media experts. Sharing great content and great insights via Linked-In is a must. One of my friends and former Oprah producer Natalie Mashaal reminded us a few weeks back at our NYC event that producers are looking for you. They have hundreds of spots to fill and if you are an expert and have wonderful content to share, there are so many opportunities. Leveraging Online Radio and TV shows, and get interviewed and share content through many online channels.

I have set a goal today of meeting 3 new inspiring entrepreneurs in Paris today! Where are you inspired to grow your biz?


Author's Bio: 

Leanne Grechulk is a Leadership and lifestyle Expert and mentors women globally to boldly leap into their full power. She is the author of amazon best-seller ‘30 Days to Wealth’. Radiantly Grateful, she holds a degree in Biomedical Toxicology Degree and a Masters in Business. She is certified as a pilates, clinical nutritionist and yoga instructor and spent a decade as a marathoner. Leanne speaks and mentors internationally on creating a blissful, healthy and abundant life. Leanne is also one of the leading direct selling experts internationally. She has been featured on television, radio and in print throughout North America and is thrilled to be sharing her wisdom with you!