Building a golf simulator mostly depends on skill or the way you are making it. If you can gather all the equipment and know-how to build with efficiency, you can do it quickly. Even in off-season or epidemic, you can continue playing golf if you can make your golf simulator. For example, during the covid 19 pandemics, golfers practiced their favorite sport using the golf simulator to be safe and go nowhere out of the home.

You just need to follow some simple methods and consider some specific things such as what materials you need, how to set it up, how much a golf simulator costs, etc. After a lot of research, we sorted out those things and arranged this article so that you can get everything you need to build your golf simulator.

So why not yet playing golf even in unfavorable situations? Build your golf simulator and practice throughout the year. let's look at the details

How to Build Your Golf Simulator?

You can easily and quickly build the best golf simulator using advanced technology.

But you have to choose what kind of technology you can use within your budget.

Golf simulator space selection


The first thing you need to do is to select the location for your DIY golf simulator. Choose a place where you can play comfortably. If you place your golf simulator in a small space, you can face many problems while playing such as you may get interrupted while setting the simulator.

So, set the simulator in a place where you can swing freely and adjust the golf simulator’s tool. Place your golf simulator in the office, guest room, basement, game room, yard, or garage. But the best place to install the simulator is in the garage. Because a garage is more oversized than any room., and you can easily place the simulator there. Every garage might not be air-conditioned, yet you get enough space to set the simulator.

Below are some of the things you must consider while choosing a place:

  • Height of the room:

The height of the room you choose to place the golf simulator should be longer than your net or screen, tall from the highest point of the swing with the club, and longer than you. 10 feet ceiling height is most suitable. However, 9 feet is enough for some golfers. But the height of the ceiling depends on the swing and your height.

  • Width of the room:

Choosing the width of the room is an essential issue while installing the simulator. Your room’s width should be such that there is enough space for the golf simulator screen and golf net. Most simulator screens and nets are usually 6 to 10 feet wide. Keep in mind is whether the house is for right-handed or left-handed players. If both right-handed or left-handed golfers play there, the width of the room should be 15 feet. And keep adequate space to protect the wall of the room.


  • Depth of the room

Before deciding which room to use to install the simulator, make sure there is enough space to keep the tools you use. The room’s depth should be 14 feet for your simulator set up to feel comfortable having extra space. The room will be comfortable, and there will be more space than enough. But if you use a radar-based system, the depth of the room should be 23 feet. The highest place for installing golf simulators requires 15’W X 14’D X 10’H, and the minimum space required is 10’W X 10’D X 8.5’H.

Materials you need to build a golf simulator.

There are 7 items that you need to build your golf simulator. The price of each item may vary based on its quality. So you will get the quality depending on the price. Here are 7 tools you need to build a home golf simulator with details:

  1. Golf Mats;
  2. Projector;
  3. Projector Screens;
  4. Golf Net;
  5. Launch Monitor or Simulator;
  6. Computer;
  7. Golf Simulator Software.



  1. Golf Mat

A golf mat is an essential element for making a golf simulator because you can not use the floor or the grass to hit the ball using a home golf simulator.

The golf simulator will help you hit the ball correctly and improve the swing. You can hit the ball on the mat anywhere at any time without even a simulator. There are three things to look for when selecting a golf mat. They are - stability, performance, and forgiveness.

There are different types of golf mats available on the market. Some mats are big, and some are small and durable. Large mats are suitable for both left and right-handed players because they give a lot of space. Many types of price golf mats are available. Prices are usually between 250$ to 2000$. If you want to get the best mat in durability, you can get in within 800$. But the price of standard size golf mats is higher cost. Below is a list of some good quality and affordable mats:

  • True Strike Golf Mat

It is one of the durable golf mats. If you have enough space, you can use it to build your home golf simulator. These mats range in price from 400$ to 1400$.

  • Sigpro Mat

This mat is quite good because it has removable inserts that are forgivable and replaceable. It is very comfortable to stand on the turf.

  • Fire Built Combo Golf Mat

This mat is excellent because it gives a real ball striking experience without hitting. And it will put less pressure on your body.

  1. Projector

Select the projector for the home golf simulator thinking of the room’s size, the room’s lighting, and the resolution required by the simulator software because you need the projector according to the room’s needs. Projectors are priced both low and high. Projectors are available between 100$ to 1500$. Before buying a projector, you must remember that the projector’s durability will depend on your budget.

You can see these three projectors:

  • ViewSonic PS501X (3400 Lumens)
  • BenQ MW632ST 3D (3200 Lumens)
  • Optoma EH412ST MODEL



  1. Projector ScreensThe central part of the golf simulator is the projector screen. You can see where your shots are going on the screen. Various projector screens are ranging from 200$ to 4000$. The price is according to the quality of it. But if you want to get all features in one, then the cost of that projector screen will be 3000$ to 4000$. The important thing you need to make sure that the projector screen provides the best images. If you want to set-up easily, you can see the Pull Up Screens. And if you want a screen to set up with the ceiling, you can see the Pull down screens.



  1. Golf Net

A golf net is used to protect the wall of the simulator and any damage. There are two types of nets, small and large. If your stimulator placement space is small, you have to use the small net, and if you have a big space, you have to use a big net.

Some golf nets are designed for outdoor use, and some are designed for indoor use. So you can choose what you need. Golf nets usually cost between 150$ to 800$. Set the golf net in front of the projector screen so that you can protect your screen from being damaged.



5.Launch Monitor or Simulator


The simulator is one of the essential components in creating your home golf simulator. It is an electrical device through which crucial aspects of the game are measured. For example, you can find out your ball’s speed after hitting the ball with your club. The another name for a simulator is ‘launch monitor’. This launch monitor will help you improve your swing. Using it, you can control the plane of your ball. There are launch monitors of different types and different budgets in the market. You need to choose a simulator depending on your room size, budget, and experience.

Every system has its pros and cons, but you will choose according to your needs. If you want a durable and long-lasting simulator, then you need to think with a reasonable budget.  You can consider one of these the launch monitors below:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • Ernest Sports ES12 Player Golf Launch Monitor
  • Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor
  • Ernest Sports ES15 Range Launch Monitor
  • GC2 Launch Monitor Certified Pre-Owned by Foresight Sports
  • OptiShot 2
  • TruGolf Golf Simulators



You need a desktop, laptop, or tablet to run the software on your simulator package. But the best of all is a PC because this PC performs interactions with various components of your simulator.

  1. Golf Simulator Software

Most golf simulator packages include essential golf simulator software. It shows your golf shot in the form of a 2-D shot tracer and helps you throw the golf ball into the hole.

This software allows you to measure carry distance, total distance, spin rate and provide you with the necessary graphics. Some software allows you to design your course functionality. But not all features are available in all software.

There are different prices and various types of simulator software. To know about the quality before buying it. Below are the names of some selected simulation software:

  • WGT (World Golf Tour)
  • The Golf Club Graphics
  • E6 Connect
  • OptiShot
  • TruGolf
  • Protee
  • SkyTrak

How to set up a home golf simulator?


When you will fix the simulator’s installation location, and

collect all the products, start setting up the simulator. Let's learn how to set up a golf simulator in a few steps:


 Step 1: Golf Net Setting

Stick the net in front of the screen.  This net will catch your wrong shots.  Not only that, this net will keep your screen safe from any kind of injury.



Step 2: Golf Mat Placing


Place the mat in front of the net you set in front of the screen.  Place it directly on the floor.  Lay it well on the floor so that you can take shots comfortably.


Step 3: Projector Installation

It is essential to know where to place the projector. Place the projector in front of the screen so that your shadow does not fall on the screen. The projector depth largely depends on your distance from the screen and the screen’s size. This may take longer to set up.

Watch the video below to know more details:



Step 4: Projector Screens


Most simulator packages come with a screen case required for screen setting, or you can get a little case between 250$ -400$.

To set the screen, first secure one eye hook (1.25 ″) into strut channel-specific square nuts. Now connect all eye hooks with a square washer. Place an adequate element at the bottom so that it can collect the ball.



Step 5: Computer Setup


Set up the computer in a tiny space away from the screen. Remember to keep the computer in a safe place.


You learned how to build a home golf simulator and got ideas about making a simulator. Now you can build the simulator yourself by collecting elements according to your budget. After reading this article, if you find it easy to build a home golf simulator and have any questions, let us know in the comment box.


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