Conversion funnel or you can also say it a sales funnel. This funnel shows the journey on which a customer embarks when he/ she wants to purchase a product. This conversion funnel or sales funnel includes many steps through which you attract people to your website and from them, you get your potential customers and you bring them closer and closer to the decision of buying your product with the help of different tactics like emails, videos, images etc that do work of encouraging, attracting and motivating them to buy your product for you.

Benefits of the sales funnel
Increasing your sales
Increasing your conversion rate
Decreasing your bounce rate
Making the process of marketing simpler
Increasing the revenue

Now is the time to know the steps it includes and how to design one for your business:

Attract traffic to your website
It is the first and the foremost step in your conversion funnel. Without attracting the traffic or say visitors you can’t sell any product because without the traffic you won’t have potential buyers. Traffic is just like the herd of the sheep from where you will get your buyers. For attracting people you can use different methods like:

You can attract them by creating high-quality content that interests them and this will tempt them to visit your website and give a look at that.

Use Social Poof Marketing.
Social proof marketing is the best marketing technique in modern time and it helps you in attracting traffics to your website in an instance. This kind of marketing enables you to use Social Proof Tools. These are very famous tools in the internet world. There are lots of social proof tools out there and I will recommend you the best one and that is Fizfy Social Proof. Fizfy social proof or Fizfy Social Proof Notification Tool is the most powerful tool which influences visitors and attracts them and also skyrockets sales and conversions at the store. You can check it out here at This software provides 40+ Social Proof widgets which you can use to create Notification widgets at Fizfy Social Proof Notifications.

You can invest in ads like Facebook ads and Google ads. These things are a great way to reach a lot of people and catch their interests.

You can optimize your website with popular keywords which are used by a lot of people and are trending so that when people will search it you website pages can show in the top results of the search engine and your website can reach to as many as people possible.
You can even use social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn to attract more people as millions and billions of people are active on these social media platforms. You can easily catch their attention using this website.

Convert this traffic into potential customers and encourage them to buy your product

In this step, you will find the potential customers from the traffic and you can do this by putting out a form on your website’s page and ask their personal information so that you can have their personal information. And you can make them give you their information by giving them a tempting offer in which you will send them a gift if they will the form. You can also your content to get their information through which you will contact them.

You can convert this traffic on your website into potential customers using Fizfy Social Proof Notification tool. You can use this tool to give social proof at your website. Social proof is the phenomenon in which one person undertakes other’s action. Social proof plays an important role in the sales and conversion rate.

Now you have got their information and which can be their email address and you know about them. Use this to organize the email campaign in which you will send different Emails to them depending on the buyer’s persona. Each mail will be different because each customer is different and you will encourage and motivate them to buy your product.

Now after encouraging and motivating them you have got buyers who will buy your product and help you in increasing your sales. But this doesn’t end here you have to make them stay and make a long term relationship with them so that you can have some amount of fixed income. You have to make your public image and earn their trust and confidence and you have to create credibility. You can do that by giving them gifts or huge discounts coupons on their next purchase.

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