Knowing how to brush your teeth with braces is essential for wearers of this type of braces. First of all, because oral hygiene is more complicated by the presence of braces, as well as wires, metal bands or other elements commonly used in fixed orthodontics.
In addition, dental appliances promote the accumulation of bacterial plaque and that more food remains may remain in the mouth after meals.
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Finally, canker sores, sores or wounds that may appear during orthodontic treatment also often limit or hinder oral hygiene.
As a consequence, it is more difficult to keep plaque in the oral cavity at bay and problems with cavities, gingivitis or bad breath can appear. Therefore, a correct brushing of teeth with braces is essential to maintain a healthy mouth throughout the orthodontic treatment.
To do this, it will only be necessary to adopt certain habits and have specific products for brushing teeth with braces:
Pay close attention to brushing your teeth. Wearers of fixed braces must be very thorough when brushing their teeth. In this sense, they must make sure to clean the entire tooth surface, insisting on the most difficult to access areas.
In the case of wearing lingual orthodontics, knowing how to brush your teeth well with braces becomes even more important. This is so, because these are placed on the inside of the teeth and access with the brush is more complicated.
Choose a special toothbrush for braces . Precisely because dental cleaning is more difficult with braces, it is preferable to use an orthodontic toothbrush that is designed for this purpose. It is ideal that the brush has a small head to access areas of difficult access (posterior areas of the mouth, especially parts that are in the eruptive process, dental mal position, etc.)
Use an orthodontic toothpaste. A good toothpaste for braces should include active ingredients that inhibit the formation of bacterial plaque and help prevent gingivitis. In addition, it includes sodium fluoride in its composition, which remineralizes enamel and prevents dental caries.
A toothpaste whose texture enables access to the spaces between the teeth is recommended for people who wear fixed appliances.
Another advantage of using an orthodontic toothpaste is that they also usually contain soothing and protective ingredients against canker sores, rubbing and wounds.
Insist on inter dental cleaning. After brushing, it is important to spend a few minutes cleaning between the teeth.
Conclude with an orthodontic mouthwash. Rinsing the mouth after brushing and inter dental cleaning is the best way to complete oral hygiene. It also helps to inhibit dental plaque, strengthen enamel and reach all spaces of the oral cavity.
In this sense, using an orthodontic mouthwash will help to enhance the effect of the toothpaste on the teeth, gums and all the oral mucosa.
Brushing your teeth after eating is especially important for people who wear braces. Only in this way can food debris be eliminated and the proliferation of bacterial plaque prevented.
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How to choose your toothbrush for braces
Regarding which toothbrush to use with braces, it is important to note that it meets the following characteristics.
Second, it should consist of soft and medium filaments and have a profile that is 'V' shaped.
Likewise, it is preferable that the toothbrush for braces has a malleable neck that facilitates hygiene and with Tynex filaments, effective in removing plaque and respectful of soft tissues.
Electric toothbrush and braces?
There is a frequent question about whether you can use an electric brush with braces . Well, the combination of an electric toothbrush and braces is not only possible, it is recommended.
In fact, one of the main indications for the use of this type of toothbrush is the oral hygiene of people with orthodontics. There are studies that show a decrease in gingival inflammation and bacterial plaque after the use of brushes with sonic technology.
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