Covid – 19 has brought multiple changes in society and its behavior, and a few of such changes are directly visible. The hybrid work model is one such change that has been evolving over a period but is yet to get fully crystallized. This Hybrid work model is expected to break the traditional mode of working. Hybrid work is what is coined as a quick fix to bridge the gap between work from the office and in a remote location. It is a flexible approach that allows employees to split their time between working in the office and working from home.
The continued work from home and reluctance of a few to come back to the office in addition to a few quantifiable benefits as perceived by the organization have resulted in the evolvement of the Hybrid work model. The perpetrators of this model have made to think about the relevance of attending office with multiple travel hazards and waste of time.
There are certain industries that are not suitable for this type of work model. During the lockdown period, even the Banks and Insurance companies had successfully engaged the work from home. The industries depending on the employee’s physical presence in the office or unit premises need to deal with their traditional working model. However, there are remote possibilities to adopt a hybrid work model in manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail.
There are many pitfalls connected with the Hybrid work model. Data security is prime among it. Organizations that deal in financial services, banking, and sensitive data have concerns about the work from home and hybrid model. Allowing employees to work from outside the office can make it harder to monitor employees’ activities. They could be risking certain threats that are minimized when working in the office.
Another concern is Employee productivity and job security. While some employees enjoy the freedom of working from home, others feel overwhelmed. They may feel stressed about finding ways to keep up with work and stay organized. Sometimes the need for required input to complete the task bothers them in spite of all sorts of project management and communication. At the end of the day, there is an element of human touch in successfully completing any task. This will give a competitive advantage to those working from an office on a regular basis and hybrid employees will be treated as Guest employees over a period of time.
There will be cases, employees may feel the need to do their job beyond their normal working hours and also there are chances that some may cut their hours of work. This can lead to employee burnout and decreased productivity, which is harmful to the company’s success and the employee’s health. The decreased productivity will eventually lead to loss of job and replace such position with able hand in office without much knowledge of the employee. The loss of grapevine as exists in office culture cut them off from the rest. The firing will be much faster for those work from home than office since the management can attribute valid reason for those work from home.
The tracking of employees’ hours, project tracking digitizing timesheet, attendance, and payroll are important while designing an effective hybrid work model. The tools as devised for Smart Admin is highly effective to tackle the situation and documents the overall contribution of employees in each project and tasks.
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