Mingqian tea brewing tips:
The tea before the Qingming festival is "beautiful and tender". For a real taste, brewing is also a science. Here are the secrets of brewing tea before Qingming.

First, the tea before Qingming is relatively tender, so when brewing, you can not use boiling water, the general temperature is controlled between 85 ℃ to 88 ℃. Excessive temperature will "burn" the tea, destroy the leaves and veins of the tea, and lose nutrients. When brewing, first place an appropriate amount of tea, then pour a little water, shake the cup to warm the tea. Then flush the water along the edge of the cup, it is best to roll the tea up and down, about 10 seconds Drinkable. After the tea soup is cool to taste the tea soup. It is better to taste the tea with small mouthfuls. When the tea soup is still a third, continue to add boiling water. The second tea soup is thick.

Second, the best cup for brewing tea before Qingming. We usually say that the tea before Qingming mainly refers to the spring tea in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Anhui. These areas are the main green tea producing areas in China. West Lake Longjing, Biluochun and Huangshan Maofeng are produced in these areas. Green tea has a strong penetrating power. For example, if it is brewed with a purple sand pot, the tea aroma is easily absorbed by the purple sand, while the texture of the porcelain cup is too hard. Only the glass is neutral and suitable for brewing green tea.

3. Mingqian tea should be stored in the normal temperature layer of the refrigerator, so as to maintain its green color, moisture, and integrity. When brewed, the tea leaves can be preserved so that they can have their unique aroma.

The above is the introduction of Mingqian tea brewing tips. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to know how to brew Mingqian tea properly.

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