Isn't it about time you end that relationship already? That relationship that is harmful, abusive, and just plain old bad for you! Isn't it time you listened to what the positive people in your life have been saying for years.

Of course it is, and lucky for you, I've gone ahead and written your breakup, and you love letter, for you!

It's time to release yourself from the bonds of negative thinking, and leave behind a good old "Dear John."

Don't allow that little voice in your head to live rent free any longer. Get your stuff together, say your goodbye, and leave behind that old way of thinking.

Here is your breakup letter!

Dear negative voice in my head,

I’m just going to come out and say it, and if I hurt your feelings, well…to bad. You are a liar, a bully, a downright mean voice, and I’m leaving you. I’ve decided that your opinions are not one’s that I want to agree with any longer.

There was a time in my life when I thought that you were really smart, and I allowed you to influence my thinking. I’ve since grown, and I’ve decided that even though you think you’re smart, and that you have all the answers, I’m going to stand up to you and question your beliefs.

Unfortunately for you, I’ve met someone who aligns with what I want to believe now, and I’ve quite simply outgrown you. I will not be engaging you in conversation. I will not argue with you. I will not allow you to alter my view of reality.

I’m moving on, and from this point, I will be having an intimate relationship with my positive voice. I’m going to love my positive voice, I’m going to allow my positive voice to love me, and I’m going to be living with my positive voice in a more supportive, loving, and nurturing environment where I can grow. Please don’t try to contact me….we’re done!


AWESOME! Now, don't do what many people in verbally abusive relationships do and return to that person. They don't deserve you, and they do not have any right to treat you that way. You are moving on and the good news is, you've already got a new, loving, and supportive relationship waiting for you! It's been there all along, and it's time you surrender to it's loving embrace!

Again, I've gone ahead and written your love letter for you!

Dear positive voice in my head,

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I love you! I’ve loved you for a long time, for as long as I can remember. You are everything I’ve ever wanted, you are everything I’ve ever needed.

To me, you are the smartest, most well-spoken, most genuine and kind voice I’ve ever known. I’m so sorry that I’ve chosen to ignore you while you did your best to guide me in the direction you’ve always known was right. From now on, I’m going to treat you like you treat me, with respect, an open heart, and with a loving ear who listens from a place of understanding. You are everything I’ve been looking for and it’s because of you that I’ve come this far in my life.

I’m ready to grow, I’m ready to learn, and I’m ready to commit to a lifetime of positive, worthwhile, and joyful experiences with you. I’ve left my old negative disbeliefs, and I will no longer allow myself to be with them, at all.

If you see them, I need you to hold me tight, and tell me what I need to hear. I need to hear that you love me, that I’m good, that I can be, do, and have anything I want in my life. I need to hear that despite the fact that my old negative voice may show up from time to time, that you will be there for me and that you will stand beside me to fight back that negative disbelief. I need to hear that you and I are in this until death do us part.

I need to hear it, and though you’ve been saying it for years, I want you to know that I’m now going to allow your words to be heard, accepted as the truth, and felt in my heart. You are amazing, you are caring and kind, you are always there for me even when I’ve ignored you. From now on, things are going to be different. I’m going to love you, listen to you, engage you in conversation, and treat you how you want to be treated.

I love you. Plain and simple. I’ve finally allowed myself to grow to the point where I can see the light of possibility, and in that new light, you can be heard, and seen with my new eyes and ears. I’ve been renewed, and it’s all because I’ve chosen to allow myself to believe what you’ve always wanted me to believe. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you!

I want you and need you in my life!
I love you! I love you! I love you!


I hope this helps you move on with your life!

Author's Bio: 

Tom Anderson is known as "The Life Design Expert" because he helps people design and create the life they've always wanted.