Small businesses are not only coming online but also trying hard to boost their business online. There are thousands of ways and platforms that you can use as a small business for promotion. You can market your small business on many popular social media platforms. Pinterest is one of the top image-sharing platforms after Instagram. If you are still not aware of Pinterest marketing, then here we will help you.

Small businesses can use Pinterest to boost online visibility. You can create more brand awareness for your small brand. Also, you can get new followers, leads and even sales through this amazing platform. Here we will let you know everything about it.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the top photo-sharing social media platforms being used by millions of users worldwide. People use Pinterest to share their content through images. But you can use it to optimize your online visibility.

How Pinterest Can Be Used For Business Marketing?

Pinterest can be used in a similar way to other social media platforms used for brand marketing. You need to create useful content on Pinterest and post it in the form of images. The more likes and retweets you get on your pins, the more visibility you will gain.

What Is a Pinterest Business Account?

Pinterest has two types of accounts, one is personal and the other one is a business account. You can use any of these, but for online brand reputation or brand visibility, you must have to use a business account. A business account has different features as compared to a personal account.

Steps To Boost Online Visibility Using Pinterest For Businesses

After getting an overview of Pinterest and its usage as a business branding tool, you need to make a plan. This plan will help you promote your small business using Pinterest. You can easily make your business more visible online through Pinterest marketing. Without confusing yourself in complex marketing strategies, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

STEP 1: Switch To A Business Account

The first step that you need to take is to switch to a business account. Using a personal Pinterest account for brands is not a good idea. You will get various tools and resources in your business account. Also, you will get a lot of help and guidance through webinars while using a Pinterest business account.

STEP 2: Content Quality

Your Pinterest marketing strategy won't be helpful if you are not posting valuable and quality content. So the first thing that you need to pay attention to is to maintain quality. Following are some tips that you can follow.

Find Useful Categories

Find popular categories on Pinterest before creating content. Always keep in mind that you must choose categories related to your business niche. Avoid using irrelevant categories even if they are popular. Try to use only relevant categories and niche while creating content.

Create Popular Pins

Now you have to make popular pins. Create content that adds value to your followers or prospects. The more value you add to their life, the more likes and shares you will get. More reactions and engagement will help you make your pins popular on Pinterest.

STEP 3: Create Pins The Right Way

Now the third step is to create pins in the right way. Sometimes you have quality content ideas, but you are not creating and posting pins properly. In such cases, you will face many issues. Following are some common things you should consider while creating pins.

Choose The Right Size & Format

The standard size of a Pinterest post image is 736x1102. Try to make images within this image size. Also, you have to choose the right image format.

Find Best Time To Post

You also have to find the best time to post images on Pinterest. Post on Pinterest when your followers are more active.

Add A Pin Button On Your Site

You must be sharing content on your website, right? Try to add a button to pin your content on Pinterest. It will help you a lot.

Send Pins Through Newsletters

If you are sending your content to your prospects through newsletters, then must add your popular and recent pins in your newsletters.

STEP 4: Build An SEO Strategy

Now the last and most important step is to optimize your Pinterest posts for search engine results and in-site results. People search for Pinterest posts through various keywords, so you have to build an SEO strategy for Pinterest marketing. Following are some steps that you need to perform.

Research Keywords

Firstly find useful keywords for your Pinterest posts. These keywords will work as magnets for your Pinterest Posts.

Optimize Pin Titles And Descriptions

Now use your target keywords in Pinterest post titles and descriptions as It will help your post reach more Pinterest users. You can also add keywords to image file names before uploading them to Pinterest.

Pinterest is a very useful platform for businesses. Many businesses have started promoting their content and brand on this platform. As a small business, you can also utilize this platform for more online visibility. Sometimes it seems difficult for small businesses to use high-end platforms like Pinterest. But it can be used easily if you follow the above-mentioned steps.

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