Do you want to increase your confidence? How to boost your self confidence?

Self confidence is having the belief that whatever you encounter in your life and whatever your mood is, you will achieve your goals. Self confidence is strength that makes the individual grow and prosper. Without self confidence, the individual feels afraid to fail and becomes afraid from the unknown where the person doesn’t dare to change anything outside his comfort zone.

An individual could be very unhappy in his work and complains constantly from his boss, yet doesn’t do anything to change his current situation due to fear of failure. A wife could be very unhappy in her marriage, yet doesn’t do anything positive to change her life with her lover. A student could study hard, yet on the day of the exam, starts thinking of negative thoughts which could result in his failing.

The individual could be confident, yet when he experiences a challenge in his life, he starts to think to himself that he is a failure. His thoughts expand and lack of confidence manifest.

John who is in his twenties mentions he was very successful in high school and used to get all A’s in his classes. Then, he went to study medicine at college where he failed in two of his classes. Since John failed in those two classes, he began to lose confidence in himself and started to become afraid of failing.

Jennifer who is in her thirties mentions that she is afraid of getting married again since she got divorced twice already. Since she got divorced the second time, she lost all of the confidence in herself and in others. She also believes that if she marries again, her marriage will end up in divorce.

Do those two stories sound familiar? These stories give you an idea about lack of confidence and how the challenges in life could affect the human thoughts and make him start thinking in a negative way, hence he begins to lose confidence in himself.

On the other hand, we find that positive thoughts help to build self confidence which could result in a positive action from the individual, which will help him to progress despite all the challenges he faces in life. For example, Mohamed Ali used to repeat to himself constantly that he is a great boxer despite all the circumstances he experiences. When you keep repeating positive statements to yourself with strong belief, then your subconscious mind accepts these as true. As Mohamed Ali said, “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

As I mentioned in my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals” that your subconscious mind gets programmed by constant repetition. Your subconscious mind doesn’t get programmed by simply saying “I’m confident.” These words won’t help if you don’t have faith and belief in what you are saying. The key to programming your subconscious mind is for your emotions to compliment your words and your image that you have in your mind and with constant repetition.

Mohamed Ali mentions that mental exercises are among the top causes that helped him succeed. He focuses on positive thoughts and then connects these thoughts with strong emotions and imagines himself that he is confident at all times.

If you want to boost your self confidence, focus on the positive thoughts that help you remain confident at all times despite all challenges and make sure you have faith and belief in what you are saying.

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Dia Thabet

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